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226. Foggia : Im looking for julia from Hamilton Ontario born 1995 adopted maybe at 6 months father tony figliola looking for her

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227. Shiilasonia : I am looking for my daughter shiila÷storm curtis who was adopted out by family children services in 2019 in st catharines ontario. I am her mother Sonia curtis you can contact me

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228. Victoriah86 : I’m looking for my brother mark McDonough birth name given by my mom Susan McDonough, father Brian skinner, he was given a new name possibly Shawn? Born in Cobourg hospital cobourg Ontario Canada, dr Jones delivered him March 25th 1980. He was adopted immediately. My name is Victoria hiscock I live in Oshawa Ontario Canada

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229. Albertagal123 : Seeking biofather and 2 siblings. Birth mother is deceased. Father is Peter Brooks LOCATED Sibs are Richard Skinner and Melissa Skinner. Melissa was adopted by a Dutch farm family in Waterloo area that had 4older bio kids. Richard was special needs and is likely in a group home. Mother was Taryn Skinner -now deceased My birth name was Michelle Stacey Skinner

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230. Mary-Catharine : Hi, I am looking for any and all information on the adoption of my mother, Dorthy Francis Field m.(Hillier). She was born in Orangeville Ontario to a Mary (?) Frockin(g) and a H. Frockin(g) sp. Dorthy was adopted at three days old by Harry and Lillian Wilkinson Field. She was taken to the city of Toronto to be raised. There were approximately 7 other children, in the Frockin(g) family who where either Farmed out or adopted. Mr. Frockin(g) was apparently killed when cutting down a tree and it fell on him. This all took place in 1920 - 1921. If you could please help it would be much appreciated. Thank you, Mary-Catharine Hillier Adinolfi

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