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241. MarcjLandry : Barristers Hon Lionel Choquette of Vincent Gibson Dagenais, was implicated in 3 adoption events 1st adoption- I was sick with post Polio Syndrome and adoptive parents put me back in adoption 2nd adoption- Hon Lionel Choquette may have adopted me for a interim period to secure a 3rd adoption to Estelle Benoit and Hubert Landry ....... Annette Benoit worked as a family helper and at a given point had. To leave her job Estelle Benoit replaced her sister offering her services as family helper. I have in hand a birth certificate Details: #JO35223 Registration number:45-05-141098 Ontario Canada Landry, Joseph Marc Hubert Date of birth Aug 19 1945 sex M Birthplace Ottawa Carleton County Registration date Nov6, 1945 Issued at Toronto March 30, 1968 Need to know of original docs and to know the who were in the know!!!!! Who are parents Doctor Registered and signed documents

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242. Dolorese : Hello, My name is Dolorese Carruthers (née Perreault). My mother, Juliette Normandeau may have had a child whom was born at the Hospital St-Joseph in Sudbury, Ontario in the late 40’s or early 50’s? My mother was single at the time. My father, Jean François Perreault gave us this information before he died in October 2018. My mother and father were married on Mar 22, 1952 in Sudbury in a Catholic Church, we know that the alleged birth happened before that time. Any assistance in locating this half sibling would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Dolorese.

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243. Searchingmomma : Hello My Michelle Hisson My date of birth is : January 22, 1970 I am in search of my biological son . He was put up for adoption by the CAS OF TORONTO He was 18 months old . I was 18 when I had him and things were really new and raw for me . My son was 3-1/2 months old when I inducted him to the CAS , In 2017 my mother passed away and her only wish was to see her grandson again . That never happen . I’m not well , and I do not want that same fate falling in me . My emotional state and my mental state are very well medicated but are unstable . I have been looking for my son since 2006 . I was told when he was adopted out that I could find him when he was 16 . I called the Toronto CAS to search for him and all I got from them was if I don’t know his last name he was adopted under then finding him is next to impossible . Well I gave up after a few years thinking maybe they were right . But then I found out I have COPD. And I have a 31 year s daughter that I would like him to meet . My son’s information is : Name Daniel John Hisson Date of birth June 16th , 1988 Place of birth : Etobicoke Ontario ( Rexfale ). Weight at birth : 6lbs - 7 Oz’s His delivery doctor was : Doctor Richard Tallot Hospital was : Etobicoke General Hospital. Time of delivery : 7:57 pm I know pretty much all the information I need except where he is and his last name . I have been looking for Daniel since he was 16 I’d not longer , he now 32 , just celebrated his 32md birthday , Before I meet my maker I would like to find my son and bring him back into my family if that’s something he’d wanna do . I am 52 years old and before I get any sicker or any older or he gets any older I’d like to find him . Again my name is Michelle Rene’e Hisson . My date of birth is January 22nd ,1970 My parents were , Catherine Elizabeth Fowler Ouellette , date of birth - March ,29th ,1954 My father’s name : Richard Joseph Hisson - Date of birth - March 29th ,1949 Daniel has a sister . Her name is Angel-jean Paige MacDonald- her date of birth is - January 10th ,1990 . Please if you can helpe go in the proper direction to finding Daniel I’d really appreciate it , it’s been a long time fur him and I , I don’t want it to be any longer , I’m even willing to be friends if that’s what he desires , I have known fur many years now that finding him might do me harm and him as well as good , but it’s a chance I’m willing to take . He’s my son and I’d love to see him again .I have not seen Daniel since he was 14 months old . In December of 1989 I was pregnant with my daughter , the CAS and the Courts told me that if I changed my mind about his adoption that o had 30 days to change the decision . Well on the 20th of december I called The CAS and was going to revoke my decision . It was too late they had already put Daniel in with his adoptive family , Daniel was gone till I could find him . Now I’m looking and I could really use the help . Thank you My. Hisson

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244. Payne1313 : Birth parents are Kenneth Payne and Claire Hamilton Baby was born either in August or September 1966. Kenneth PAYNE is my twin brother.

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245. Roosterchick1233 : I always wanted to be in contact with my little brother . But children aid society said no . My father is Richard Dwain sypes. And his mother is Jennifer debo . I really need to speak to Toni sypes as something has happened in family. I don’t know how to reach out to him . He can contact me anytime. And yes I will always be there for him as if he was my own .

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