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86. Duvalfamily : I would really want to find my big brother. If you were born in september 19‚ 1954 at the St-Coeur de Marie hospital in Hawkesbury Ontario and was adpoted by a family on23 January 1957 and your birth mother name is Clairette Duval pleased contact me my name is Suzanne you have 3 sister age me 54 Anne 52 Lorraine 50 and a younger brother Roch 46. All the family is very anxious to see you to know all about you. We just found out on the 15 February 2010 that you exist and we are all so excited to have a big brother.

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87. KLCARSONBOLDUC : I’ve been looking off and on threw the internet since about 1996‚ looking for my son that I gave up when I was 18 yrs. old. I wrote a letter to Adrian when he was born and put it in the regestry in ontario the same month he was born. I gave birth to him in Ajax‚ Ont. on September 29‚ 1983‚ I know he was raised in toronto on bayview st. to parents that were school teachers‚ (one parent was a history teacher) A sister in-law was searching for natural parents at that time. I named him Adrian Lee Carson and also I do know who his natural father is‚ I put on the birth certificate that he was unknown‚ I apologize and i really didn’t want to do that‚ but I really wasn’t educated on East Indian culture and wasn’t ready for ‚ oh lets face it I was deffenetly imature. well I think about you every day as I now have 6 more children‚ had my 2nd boy at 23 yrs. and had the youngest at 42 yrs and she is almost 3‚ had 3 more boys and 3 girls‚ almost with 7‚ a baseball team. my oldest daughter is a spitten image of you . My mothers family is Dobson’s and they own a paint and glass store in Duncan‚ B.C. which I gave all that infomation in the letter I wrote you when you were a week old and put in the registery. My mom and I held and ewed and awed at you for hour when we were still in the hosp. It took me almost 3 weeks to sign the adoption papers as I DID NOT want to sign. I love you and would really like to meet you!!! My name is Kerrie Carson and hope you look for me! please. . your brothers and sisters are Bolduc’s on Vancover Island.

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88. Jo-annebevan : My mother’s name was Marguerite O’Hara and her husband’s name was Tom O’Hara.She lived in Downsview at 44Inleside or Inglewood Drive. I was placed in a foster home with Ted and Olive Wilson who raised me. I lived with my biological mother for a short period when I was 3 years old. My siblings names are Terry, Tim,Dennis , Patricia and Mary Margaret. I would appreciate if you could locate them . Thank you

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89. Jardy1220 : I am looking for my birth mother, father or siblings. All i know is i was born at Ajax-pickering general hospital in Ontario. I also know that at the time of my birth my birth parents were not together. My mom was a Realtor and my dad was a pilot. My mom was Irish and my dad was German and i have 3 older brothers or sisters. The information was non-identifying that’s all i know. Thanks

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90. Passport : Hello..my name given to me at birth was ( Joseph kevin Glynn) I was born in ottawa ‚ontario..march 3/1965..my birth name was (Joseph Kevin Glynn) my name was changed to ( kevin Rene Chaput) the adoptive parents were..Muriel Rita Lauzon Chaput & Raymond Hilaire Chaput‚ my adoptive grandfather was William Lauzon when I was baptised I would love any communication with any family members as I have always wondered who my birth parents are I see on paper that the actual paperwork didn’t go through until thursday‚august 4th..1966 my birth registration # 65-05-023214 final papers appear to be in north bay ontario‚ but I was born in Ottawa‚ ontario? Please let me know if you have any information...I will respect any wishes from my birth family.. Thank you very much..Kevin... P.S. I hope this doesn’t cause any problems‚ just want to know who my parents were & the circumstances as to why I was put up for adoption ( with privacy & respect) God Bless..

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