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96. Lisalaporte : Looking to find my mother or grandmother or someone that knows about my adoption. Baby girl born April 27th at London St. Josephs hostpital in London Ontario . I know that you gave me two of your favorite names wich are Shannon Victoria‚ but I do not know my last name. I know that my mom figure skated‚ helped in a theater‚ and liked art. You are from London or middlesex county. I would really like to find you.

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97. Lifespurpose : Looking for the daughter I gave up 30yrs. ago. You were born Jan. 27,1981 @ K-W Hospital in Kitchener, ON. Your initials at birth were AEK. Your adopted parents kept one of your names.. If this sounds like call please get intouch..

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98. Smith3194 : i wish to meet my birthparents‚(mom or dad) and i would absolutely love to know if i have brothers or sisters.i do not want anything from them except a casual relationship. when i was born my birth mother gave me the name‚ Chantal Josee.

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99. JennifeHunter : On behalf of my aunty im looking for my adopted cousin‚ Birth name Camilla Hunter‚Wright‚or Bailey(but most likely name was changed after adoption) was born August 6 1985 born with birth mark on belly she was deliverd at Toronto General Hospital. Her birth mothers name is Jennifer Claudette Hunter. Camilla was adopted 8 months after she was born‚she was taken by Children’s Aid Society. Her case was delt with at the adoption agency located on 4211 Yonge street‚Toronto Ontario M2P-2A9. If anyone has any information on Camilla‚ please contact me and if this imformation souds like it may be you then conatct me as well‚ your mother is in desperate need in finding you because she loves you soooo much and thinks about you every day. You are all that she has she can’t have anymore kids

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100. Lookformeson : My Name Is Deena Sauve Looking For My Son He will be 18 on October 7th Daiil was adopted in Timmins Ontario by his foster mother Brenda (Martin) Not Sure I think he was adopted with another foster child at the same time Brenda works at Walmart Bakery in Timmins I can be reached on facebook - Deena Sauve Kapuskasing Ontario Hope To Hear from You Soon Daiil

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