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186. Debrahhann : I have pictures and things that belonged to your mother I am not related to you nor did I know the family i am not looking for anything I came across a suitecase with your birth registration in it you were born one my birthday March 17 1967 I have these things and would love for you to have them if you are interested she was a nurse her pictures so me a beautiful lady and has passed away the last place she lived was at 80 Scott Street in brampton Ontario her name was Barbara Ellen Fraser and your father was Douglas V Diak. Hope you get this. my name is Debbie. Your mother named you Sean Patrick Diak

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187. Eddie-o : birth mother: barbara irene ford, my name @ birth was ronald wayne ford, i was born in london ontario. thats all i know. on the adoption paper, someone has blacked out my father’s name. trying to find actual adoption papers.

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188. Cherchefamille74 : My father have been adopted. He is borned in Teasdale, Ontario. His mother’s name: Gilberte Bouchard, borned in Montréal, not married et unknown father. My father saw his name changed for Donald Paquin, and Have been adopted by a french family: Patrick Paquin et Lucienne Paquin, Timmins, Ontario. My name is Rachel Paquin, in Drummondville, Québec. I would like To know if week have members of family. I’m not shure, but I think that my father essayer borned on the name off Richard Donald Bouchard.

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189. Minniebessiedoreen : the adopted person was born in come by chance Newfoundland Canada . July 31, 1970 His name at birth was Ronald David Stanley He was in a foster home in Ontario and later adopted 1971, he was 18 months old. The adoption was done by Dr. A.E. King Oshawa Ontario ..... it was a closed adoption ...... I have given up all hope of ever finding him. Please , if you are this person reading this msg. Please email me ....

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190. MissingSon1988 : My Name is Michelle Renee Hisson I am 48 years old , I was born and raised in Toronto Ontario , and Etobicoke Ontario . I Now to Reside in London , Ontario . I do have an Address , and a Phone Number if it is needed, Iam willing to provide this information to you . I have One Beautiful Daughter, I see and Talk to Everyday . ( She just Moved out on Her own , with her long time Boyfriend of 4 years After being with Me ( Her Momma ) for 25yrs of Her Life . ) Her Name is Angel-Jean Paige MacDonald , She was Born at - Etobicoke General Hospital on : Wednsday , January 10th ,1990 Time of Birth : 11: 01 am Weight : 7lbs - 14oz Length : 19in Attending Doctor was - Dr,David Tallot. Proud Parents are : ( Mother & Father ) Michelle Renee Hisson 01-22-1970 Wayne Cecil MacDonald 09-28-1963 Starting with Bio-logical Parents first . ( Bio-logical , Grandmother ) Catherine Elizabeth Fowler , Hisson , Ouellette, Chesterfield . Date of Birth : March ,29,1954- Deceased on : December,17th,2/17 ( Bio-logical Father ) - Richard Joesph Hisson Date of Birth : March,29,1949, Catherine E. Fowler and Richard J.Hisson Got Married When Us ( Their ) Children were very Young We really don’t Remember them Ever Being anything but Always Angry at each other, Or My Mom was Defending Herself from My Father Beating on Her or She was Putting Herself in Front of her Children from Our Father going to Beat us , while they were Married ! Together they had 4 Children 1) Michelle Hisson - 01-22-1970 2) Tammy Hisson - 05-16-1971 3) Susan B. Hisson - 06-02-1973 Susan Beverly Hisson, Passed away at Two Weeks old , She passed away of Sudden Infant Death Syndrom .On June 14th , 1973 . 4) Richard John Hisson - 07-15-1975 Catherine was Married to My ( Step-Father ) - Reno Joesph Ouellette , Till the Day he Passed away . They were Separated When Reno passed away in 2004 ..... Catherine’s Last Marriage was to a Man in Driffield East Yorkshire , England .. His Name is : Michael . A Chesterfield . They got me married on May 4th , 2010 Richard J. Hisson Married Shirley Anne Conway , on August 01st ,1986 They Were Married right up to the Day Richard Hisson Passed Away from a Surgical Procedure Gone bad . He ( Richard Hisson ) Passed away on June ,20th 2007 Angel My Beautiful Daughter made Me a Very Proud Nana . Of a Beautiful Little Boy , His Name is Kaleb Michael MacDonald Date of Birth - November ,26 ,2007 Time of Birth was - 3:02 am Weight - 8lbs 6oz Length - 16 inches Doctor for Delivery was - Dr Murunzic Place of Birth - London’s Health Sciences Centre (General Hospital) . In London Ontario Canada . Kaleb was taken away from Angel in 2008 . And put in C.A.S , Foster Care . Till Angel Could Bring Herself to stop thinking of herself , ( Sorry Yes She’s My Daughter but She’s not the Best House Keeper ) But Some of that is Really not Her Fault . Not when the Ppor Girl lived in a Walk up building with a New Born Baby and a jack Russel Puppy . And to boot her Laundry Foom was on the Main Floor with No Elevator . How Pathetic Really See Angel lived with her father in that apartment till he moved out and went to live with his long time girlfriend ( Alvina Woods ) But I’ll tell ya Angel’s Braver then Me , I Certainly would not live in a Three Floor walk up at 18years old with a jack Russell Puppy and a New Born Baby , and no elevator. I would request a first floor Apartment , Or give my Noticeotice . I’m not saying this to make My Girl look bad . It’s just that was what happen . Angel Didn’t bother to clean . she was too Interested in her Computer more, then to do her house work . She Would get on Her Computer and be up all Night while Kaleb slept . And while She slept Kaleb would be either crawling all over her , or Free Crawling all over the apartment with no supervision, So the C.A.S gave Angel a Warning . That warning went to Two Warnings . We All did Everything to Help her . But it didn’t work very well for very long . After We all would leave . She would be right back to her Computer Game again . Never paying Attention to her Surroundings . Angel is a Great Young Lady . And Seehe has an Amazing Soul and an Awesome Heart . She is a very Kind and Generious Young Lady , She will give you the shirt off her back but don’t Stab her in the back or Talk cake about her or Cross her . She will hold a grudge very long and very Deeply . She very Sensitive . She’s very Loving to All Animals , Babies . She loves her fiance ! Very much so And Her Fiance . Oh yeah ! , Steven , Titus . Now there’s. Good Boy . He tries his Damnest to make Sure Angel is Happy . He Breaks his back to make sure of that ! I wont have Angel Treated any other way . Not while I’m alive . No man will ever mis treat her. I want Angel Happy and I’ll live to make sure Angel is Exactly that Happy . Kaleb was a Joyful Baby and he lived with me and my Now Husband of 5 years - But separated , Since 2013. His Name is Michael Lar Thor Rasmussen, Date of Birth - May 07, 1960 His place of Birth is Denmark . EU . He has Three Grandchildren. ,2 Grand-Sons ,1 Grand-Daughter . Michael has One Daughter , Margretta Rasmussen Michael , Michael was a Sailor on a NavalShip, Michael loved to Travel , So Back and Forth from Denmark to Canada for Two Years he went , Then he was Due to go back One Cold Night in December He Boarded a Robert-Q bus and was gone outta my life, Till I seen him again in 2011 , And on his Return one month later . He was Turned around and Grounded to Denmark for 1 Year . So he could not return to me no more . So Back to Denmark he went . I Never Saw him again till he sent for me in 2011 When I went there to Denmark To Marry My Best Friend So back in Novrmber, 2010 , Michael and I Started talking again on the Computer after not Seeing or Talking to each other for at least 6 Months it was finally good to talk to him again . Surprisingly One Day after Michael & I have been talking for at least 7 hours on the Computer Michael Asked Me to Come to Denmark and said We’ll get Married and live in Denmark Together with his Family Well how Could I Refuse Michael was the Love of My Life . My SoulMate , So we Started Talking and Making Plans to get Me to Denmark , To Be My Michael . I Couldn’t Wait, So on May , 11 2011 I was off to Denmark to My Fiance . I Arrived in Denmark on May 12th ,2011 , At 3pm In the Afternoon , Michaell was right there WaitIng for Me to come Through the Gate .. Well right there was exactly where he was , when I went through the Gate. Well I lived in Denmark all Summer and Onward, We Planned Our Wedding Every Chance we Got . On A Friday Afternoon on September 07th ,2011, Michael & I Became Husband & Wife . Mr & Mrs Rasmussen .❤ Our Honeymoon was in Copenhagen . One November afternoon on the 1st ,2011, I was told by the Danish Immigration to leave Denmark for 90 Days So on December ,03, 2011, So I did just that and Boarded a Plane to East York Shire Driffield England . To spend 90 Wonderful Days in England with My Bio-logical Mother . Catherine Chesterfield And her Husband Mike ( Michael ) Chesterfield, I travelled all over England with Mom and Mike to alot of Historical Sights , but my favorite historical sight was when we went to Whitby England . The place where bran stroker wrote the novel , Bran Strokers Dracula . I Walked the 199 Stairs and back down . And Ate Fish & Chips right from the warf from the Ships , But My Favorite Time there with My Mom was When We went to her Favorite Tea Palace. It was Called the the Secret Garden Tea Cafe . We had a Blast Together Everyday for the Best 90 days I ever had Outta Country so far Denmark didn’t Compare to England . On March , 03 , I was allowed to Return to Denmark and get back to Michael . Well Everything was Fine to the New Year 2012 Everything Started Falling Apart , come April 2012 , We were So down on our money this time because I didnt have my own income Michael was floating the bill for Everything we Needed it came to the point that he was borrowing Money from his Parents . Then in October 2012 we both got letters again from Immigration of both Countries . Mine from Denmark was telling me i was being deported back to Canada , on January ,22,2013 . I was not Allowed to Return for 5 Years Well Michael also got a Letter from Canada Immigration Telling him he was Not Allowed to Return to Canada for 5 Years . Or He’ll be turned back if he Tried to Return to Canada . Well We ( Michael & I ) Tried to Fight these Decisions While I still had Time in Denmark but there was No Use the Decision was Finalised . We did not Think this was Fair of The Immigration Services. So We ( Michael & I ) faught to Stay Together But there was Nothing we could do to Change the Decision . So We spent Every Waking Hour Together for the next Two Months . We were Insepetsble , then it came to the day I had to leave and go back to Canada . Sad sad night. We it was The Saddest Day I ever expierenced saying good bye to Michael was Just as Hard as Losing my Son . I didn’t want to leave My Husband and I loved my New Friends and I loved Denmark . But nothing I did made the Decision Different . So on January ,22 , 2013 I was Picked up by Immigration Police with Of Course All My Stuff . And was Taken to the Copenhagen Airport . My plane was taking off at 6 Am EU time . I was to Land in Canada at 8:00 pm that night . It was the Longest Flight I ever endured . I Hated being back in Canada with out My Husband and I still do to this day I miss Michael very much . But one thing at a time . Right now Im Going to Conentrate on finding My Son, My Son’s Information is : Name - Daniel John Hisson Date of Birth - June , 16th , 1988 Time of Birth - 7:57 Pm Weight at Birth - 6lbs - 14oz Length at Birth - 18inches long Attending Doctor was : Dr , D Tallot . Hospital - Etobicoke General Hospital . In Etobicoke Ontario . Toronto , Ontario . Canada . On November 20th I Received another Letter from the Danish Immigration again. Telling me that I was refused my stay to live in Denmark with my husband . On the same day Michael got a Letter from the Canadian Imigration . Telling him he was so Refused to live in Canada because of the same reasons I was given . NO SPONSOR DO NOT HAVE MY OWN MONEY WAS NOT ABLE TO ATTEND ANY SCHOOLING FIR 5:YEARS I WAS NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE A DOCTOR FOR 5 YEARS I WAS NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE ANY GOVERMENT ASSISSTANCE IN DENMARK FOR 5 YEARS . So please as a Mother that has Been Searching for her Son for 281/2 years .if you can help me please contact meAgain my name is Michelle renee Hisson Social insurance number is - # 493-311-351 Date or Birth is - January ,22,1970

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