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186. Amyschmidt : My best friend Amy is looking for her adopted mother she live in lambton county and she will like to find out where she from My friend Amy had a great life with her adopted parents and they took care of her very well but I think as one of her best friend she needs to know where she comes from... my name is Salvatore Thank you!!

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187. ClarissaEC : I am desperate to find my mother. I used to be a foster child because I wasn’t able to live with my mom because she was sick and unable to take care of me. I have a sister who is 2 years older than me, I’m born in July, and I had to spend extra days in the hospital after birth because they were scared there was something wrong with my brain but it was actually just dry blood from my mother falling on her stomach while pregnant. That’s all I know

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188. JadaStone1 : My mother’s name is Claudia stone. She was born in Jamaica but currently lives in Toronto. I don’t know my fathers name but I have a brother who lives in Oshawa. I would like to get in contact with my birth mother again but I don’t know her new number

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189. Nicolevinson : Hi my name is Nicole Vinson. My last name at birth was Webber middle name starting with L. My adopted last name is Langendoen. I was sent to St. Catherine’s Ontario Canada for adoption I have met my birth mother. Her name is Philomena Webber. I am searching for my birth father. He was in Toronto Ontario Canada at the time of my birth. I am told his name is Maurice Johnson. He may have been born in Jamaica and immigrated to the United States. From there he possibly came to Canada. His birth date is August 1943 possibly on the 28th. I am also interested in other family members. Thank you, Nicole Vinson

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190. Debrahhann : I have pictures and things that belonged to your mother I am not related to you nor did I know the family i am not looking for anything I came across a suitecase with your birth registration in it you were born one my birthday March 17 1967 I have these things and would love for you to have them if you are interested she was a nurse her pictures so me a beautiful lady and has passed away the last place she lived was at 80 Scott Street in brampton Ontario her name was Barbara Ellen Fraser and your father was Douglas V Diak. Hope you get this. my name is Debbie. Your mother named you Sean Patrick Diak

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