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81. Linscan : Female born Jan. 13‚ 1967 in Toronto Ont. Canada to mother: Gloria King Baby was born in Toronto Ontario and adopted out of Catholic CAS. Adopted BT family in Thunder Bay Ont. Birth mother-married name is Gloria King... Crawford and she was born in New Brunswick. Father is from New Brunswick his name is "Percy" Wheaton. New Name is Shannon Marie Burke Two male siblings are searching for you.

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82. Lillypca : i‚m looking for neice her name Rosalie glenda Piercey.she was born ether june or july the 10/1983 she would be 26 years old .her mom is my sister she don‚t have no computer so i‚m doing the serching for her i hope to get some information soon e-mail me please if you could help me in this search. thanks so much....

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83. Jasonrobinson : My name is Jason Robinson I was Adopted in 1983‚ in Kempville Ontario I was born february the 20 th and born 1983‚ My Birth name was Chris weir and i wish or hope to find my birth parents or any of my blood relatives‚ I also have a sister who was adopted too whom i lost contact with if you find this please email me.

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84. Klb11226 : Looking for Mary Elisabeth O’flaherty Born in Haiti, Adopted in Huttinville, Ontario Father’s name James Patrick O’flaherty a (Canadian) Deceased in Canada and Mother’s name is Carilia Blanc (haitian) still alive . I believe she adopted by the grand mother her name as well Mary Elisabeth.

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85. Stina1 : i was born in the Kirkland and district hospital on October 21‚ 1989 My birth mother was monique serre and i was adopted in an open adoption by Jim and Carol Mack of Larder Lake ON My adoptive mother Carol limited my contact with Monique and has blocked contact I now live with my adoptive father in espanola ON

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