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236. Mary-Catharine : Hi, I am looking for any and all information on the adoption of my mother, Dorthy Francis Field m.(Hillier). She was born in Orangeville Ontario to a Mary (?) Frockin(g) and a H. Frockin(g) sp. Dorthy was adopted at three days old by Harry and Lillian Wilkinson Field. She was taken to the city of Toronto to be raised. There were approximately 7 other children, in the Frockin(g) family who where either Farmed out or adopted. Mr. Frockin(g) was apparently killed when cutting down a tree and it fell on him. This all took place in 1920 - 1921. If you could please help it would be much appreciated. Thank you, Mary-Catharine Hillier Adinolfi

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237. Hopesandra : Hello my brother has passed away and i waited till his son was old enought for me to try to find him but i am the aunt and i want him to know how to get ahold of me if he ever came looking he was born at wellesley hospital in toronto at birth his name was Michael james his birth mom was MARY BARBARA Ann TAYLOR FATHER JAMES ARNOLD DURHAM HE WENT BY( JIMMY) .On Oct 3 1988 he was place with his adopted parents and on july 3 1989 he was legal adopted to them i have been searching but getting no where his adopted parents the mother was in her early thirties and the father was in his early forties the adopted mother was born in Canada and was of Italian decent adopted father he was born in Italy and was a Italian decent I am hopeing you can help me like i said my brother is passed and i didnt no the birth mother but i do know she is in prison for killing a police officer Thank you .and my name is Sandra Durham i live in Toronto and i am 55 years old

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238. Baverstock : I am looking for my daughter she was born in Kitchener in Grand River hospital she has two sisters and a brother the adoption was private the lawyer was mr voisin but he passed away

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239. Melissauimonen : Good Day my Aunt Mildred Uimonen gave birth to a baby boy in 1967 at Henderson Hospital in Hamilton ON she was very young 16 years old she was born July 4th 1950 just wondering if you can help me with any information regarding this adoption the Adoption Agency’s name possibly I would love to locate my relative. Thanks Melissa Loshaw

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240. Naartjie1 : Hallamore likely Toronto - unique surname, all adopted persons with this surname interest are welcome to get in touch, lots of data on Wikitrees, thanks. Kind regards, Neil, South Africa + only 1 fur angel BEAST now.

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