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251. Alicattmeowface : Hamilton‚ ON Jennifer Baker - Hamilton Children Aids Society (adoption worker) Andrea James (CAS Case Worker) McMaster Childrens Hospital (born at home before being brought there) Alexander Filleti (Birth name) Garrick Douglas-James Filleti (brother) Dallan Best (birth father) Alicia Filleti (birth mother) Stoney Creek‚ Ontario with Foster Family (residence prior to adoption)

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252. Blocknana : My child I had was born April 19 1983 at Scarborough General Hopital his name is Jason Christopher Hayward my name is Gail Hayward had given birth and cas took over.

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253. Mary1978 : Hi I would love to see you‚ I’m your mom. You can reach me.

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254. Heinbecker84 : I had him at st Catharines hospital not sure his name since I did not name him I gave them my name amanda heinbecker but my phone number changes my birth date is Feb 10 1984 I lived in Niagara falls at the time, not sure doctor.

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255. AndrewLeonard : I am Andrew Leonard born July 14 1992 at Mt Sinai in Toronto ON. I am the biological younger brother of David Leonard who was born December 10 1989. We were born of the same birth parents (we believe) and were adopted to the same family‚ Norman and Bonnie Leonard. Although my older brother is not interested‚ I would like to find my birth family‚ he has my permission to use his info in assistance with my search. If you gave birth to two boys 30+ years ago‚ one of them is trying to find you. I hope to hear from you soon‚ you can reach me. I will not be keeping this account active for long.

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