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201. LaurieAnne87 : Looking for my brother Kevin David Angus . Born in Toronto September 8th 1969 . He has six siblings and a mother looking for him who never wanted to give him up for adoption . please if your out there contact me .

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202. PaulAwalt1979 : I am looking for my son Paul Awalt born june 7, 2010 in St Catherince, Ont, and his two sisters Amanda Awalt and Natalie Awalt. All got adopted together parents names are Paul Awalt jr and Sarah Melkert, worker’s name was Zanka Marinick. They were adopted in 2014/2015 and for what i heard they got adopted to a family in Welland, Ontario. i live in Severn, ontario. with there 12 year old sister Alexis Awalt.

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203. Lesha : Father is from Sudbury ON. Worked in Mines and also for Highways. Has 5 siblings. French Canadian. Father knew a Jean Szkotnicki from Sudbury. Beautiful lady, in her mid-twenties. She had an older sister and a younger brother (14 years her junior maybe). (Ottawa ON) I was born in Scarborough ON. I was born on Christmas day, 1965.

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204. Sueluci : Looking for a family member who was born between 1936 to 1941 at a Catholic home for unwed mothers in Ontario which was run by nuns, Birth mother last name was Bouissenault. I have completed DNA on ancestry.ca, adopted last name possibly Coutts or Richards.

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205. Lookformeson : My Name Is Deena Sauve Looking For My Son He will be 18 on October 7th Daiil was adopted in Timmins Ontario by his foster mother Brenda (Martin) Not Sure I think he was adopted with another foster child at the same time Brenda works at Walmart Bakery in Timmins I can be reached on facebook - Deena Sauve Kapuskasing Ontario Hope To Hear from You Soon Daiil

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