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61. Melissa37 : At birth my birth name was Mellisa Lloyd. I was born in Sudbury‚Ontario. I have an older brother that was born in 1967 in Trinidad/Tobago. I have been told that my birth last name is common because it was a slave last name. I have been looking for my birth parents for a long time. If anyone can help please get back to me or email me Thank you in advance

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62. Melissa37 : I am adding some more information in hopes that someone will read this and help me. I was born April 24‚1972 in Sudbury‚Ontario and my religion was Protestant. I was admitted to care on April 30‚1972 and placed in a foster home at my birth mother’s request. She was residing in a common-law union that was not very stable and she felt unable to provide adequate care until she was better established.I have an older brother named Dexter‚ he was born June 22‚1967 in Trinidad. Dexter was registered under my mother’s name‚while I was registered under a different name. Dexter was admitted to care on October 22‚1971. My birth mother along with another woman had been picked up for shoplifting‚and was incarcerated. Upon her release‚ she requested that Dexter remain in care while she moved to Toronto and was going to try to find employment. There was no Declaration of Paternity signed and no financial agreements made.Apparently my birth mother was born in mi-summer of 1950 at Labria‚Trinidad. She was Anglican faith. She apparently used different names while residing in Canada. She was described as 5’2"tall and having a slim build. She attained grade 7 education and while living in Sudbury was employed as a housekeeper. Her interests were music‚singing and dancing. As for my birth father he was apparently born in 1944 in British Guiana. He was Baptist. He was 6’1" tall‚weighed 170pds‚slim build with black hair and eyes. He had completed grade 9 education and his trade was working as a carpenter. His parents were in good health and resided in New York. If anyone reads this and know’s anything please let me know. Thank you in advance....

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63. Jackpotnice : This is Karola May Nice. I am looking for my 20 year old son‚ Joshua Alexander. Jamie Alexander‚ his younger brother‚ was placed in the same adopted family as Joshua. The adotption was finalised in december 1990.

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64. Jackpotnice : This is Karola May Nice‚ I am looking for my 18 year old son Jamie Alexander. The adoption was finalized in sept. 1992. He was placed into an adopted family with his older brother‚ Joshua Alexander.

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65. Epaterson : Looking for my birth parents‚ my birth name is Barry Ernest Dunn. Mothers maiden name is Olive Gladys Darling‚ Her last know address was 12 Oakdale Avenue (Merritton) now St. Catharines....................I believe that I also may have two older siblings. I was adopted in the St Catharines in August 1958. Please if you have any information regarding the above please email me.

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