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151. Alisonwoods : I was born October 11 1967 in Hamilton Ontario. I believe my name was Sherry Lee. My birth Mom gave a boy up for adoption about 18 months before I was born. I would love to meet them or anyone who knows them. I hold no grudges but am also not looking for a new best buddy for life lol. I would respect your wishes about any contact. Thank you.

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152. MatthewKuipers : Jaquare/Kuipers/Agati !!Looking for CHUCK/LISA (Jaquare?)!! My name is Matthew Kuipers (20) I was born in Oshawa General Hospital on June 29 1993 under the name Cody/Codie/Kody (unsure of spelling) My last name at birth was Jaquare or something along the lines. I was adopted and given the name Matthew and Lastname Agati. I have since changed lastname to Kuipers. I was adopted with my two younger siblings Catherine(94)-born Crystal) and David(95)-born Connor) Our names were all changed.I am looking for my mother, her name is Lisa/Lesa and she resides in Oshawa from what I have heard. My fathers name is Chuck and i am unsure of his whereabouts but believe Oshawa aswell. I was told that I have many older siblings both brother and sister. I am looking for anyone..who can show me who I really am. please Email call or Text if any information is know on our case or the wherreabouts of my family. Thank you so much for your time..I hope this works

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153. Rca-Victor : Hi Andre‚ I’m your youngest brother Martin. I want to meet you since our mother died in december 2010. We know about you since she died only. I make several research but without response. I have make a research at the Saint-Catherine’s General Hospital (Niagara Falls) but without succes. Also‚ I inform you that our father died on May 2017. We are four brothers in the family: The first: Is you‚ Andre (born on May 1963) the second is Louis (born on septembre 1964) the third is Serge (born in october 1967) and the fourth‚ me‚ Martin (born on october 1970). I would be very glad to meet you. Please‚ write me if you wish. The picture on my profile seems be you with your daughter but I’m not shure.

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154. Sherrycobbett : I am looking for my son I placed for adoption. he was born September 8 1989. My name is Sherry Cobbett (Graham). His birth name was Robert Roy Graham I can not remember which last name I gave him at the time of birth. His fathers name was Glen Brackett. Robert was born at Oshawa General Hospital in Ontario Canada. If you have any info you could give me would be great. His adoption was done by a lawyer named Andrew Kozier in Oshawa Ontario Canada (I think that’s how his last name spelled). Thank You so much

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155. Mjelaca : I am searching for my sister birth name is"Margaret Jelaca or Mladenovich" born in Lyon-France‚ Montreal‚ Toronto or Quebec‚ Canada on or around April 1‚ 1963. Both parents immigrated from Yugoslavia to France-to-Canada then America. You were left in a Canadian Catholic Hospital/orphanage for medical reasons in between 1963/1966 the location is unclear. However‚ Montreal and Toronto is a good start. Unfortunately‚ this information came to my attention recently from the birth mother. Please contact me should any detail described above seem familiar. Milena

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