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176. PeggyMartin : My nephew was born in Timmins Ontario in 1975‚ he is native. He should be at least 6 feet in height (I think). I am his aunt and often think of him and wonder how he looks and where he is. You have a big family and we would like you to come and join the gang. I presently live in London‚ and we are from the Cree Nation.

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177. Seanplater1999 : Mom and dad I wanna meet u guys I was born in soldiers memorial in midland I’m 18 and it’s legal my birthdate is October 16 1999 I really want to meet you guys if your not together plz I beg u just one of u contact me threw fb my name now is Sean plater I live in Barrie now but I grew up in COLLINGWOOD god I would love to meet u guys even for a drink I’ve been waiting for this my whole life I have a fiancé and a baby on the way and I want u to meet her and my mom. And dad that few your son into a man I forgive u for what u did it’s not ur fault Ik it’s hard plz contact me and just say your looking for Sean plater and say your my parents biologically I really care about u mom and dad Ik this is weird but I love u guys from Sean plater

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178. Briannagreaves : my instagram is brianna2003 and my number is 4168586093

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179. Donald75 : Birth name Donald Leo Joseph Therrien born april 8 1942 in Parry Sound -looking for father Alfred Sangelois or (ais) from Parry Sound‚ Britt‚ Byng Inlet -mother was Ida May Therrien- also had a brother Victor Francis Therrien born Dec. 1942

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180. Findrain : Rain Hope Cassidy pinto Born December 6th 1998 Adopted in 2000-2001 in Mississauga‚ Ontario‚ Canada 1000$ cash reward for any information leading to direct contact with Rain. This is VERY close to my heart. My boyfriend’s little sister was adopted in 2000-2001. His whole family has spent YEARS looking for Rain. Rain’s picture is on everyone’s walls at home‚ they bring her photo to family pictures‚ they truly love & miss her. Not a day goes by that her family does not think of her. She has nieces & nephews now. Her birthday was this week & everyone’s hearts were heavy. They want Rain back in their lives. They hope that Rain has had an amazing life but want her to know that she has family out there that love her & miss her. This was a closed adoption so there a legal limitations‚ but Rain is over the age of 19 now & she can contact them on her own now. She may have changed her name & has obviously aged since the picture (first picture was taken after her adoption)‚ but if you know anyone with the birthday December 6th 1998‚ or that looks like this picture please contact me. She may not remember that she was adopted (although she should‚ sadly no one really knows what she knows). Please share this picture with the hash tag #findrain There is a 1000$ cash reward for any information that leads to direct contact with Rain. Please help her family needs to find her.

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