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1. JoleneHill : I’m looking for my adopted out Half Sister‚ we share the same Father Kenneth Hill. My sister will be turning 18 this year and I’m hoping to find her. Her birth name was Caroline‚ i am unsure of what it might be now..she was adopted out with her half brother Joey‚ he is of no relation to me..but i’d love to meet him as well if he wants..Thanks.

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2. Cosmachenko : I am finding out information for my mother. Her adopted name is Mary Louise Giselle Carriere. She had a birth certificate from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada @ the St.Boniface Hospital. I went with her there last year and they said that she did not exist. Her birth said May 22,1954. She contacted the Canadian government and they said that she was maid a year younger. Her adopted parents names were Claudette and Gerard Carriere. My mother is a Circumsized women. She has no lips.

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3. Lhub : Looking for parents of a boy born in Winnipeg‚MB in 1969 at the Miseracordia Hospital givin up for adoption at birth. Possibly Spanish‚ Italian or Greek. Supposedly a son of a famous drummer.

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4. Sandrad : uncle fred if you see this e-mail please contact me.

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5. Littlebear2009 : hello i am a birth mom looking for my sion his name is justin kenneth ronald connell please i havent heard nothing back from you guys i wait for almost 6 mouth so you suopse to help i dont see no respound please at lease give me information

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