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11. JudyCalhoun : Looking for the Family of Male Adoptee born on February 12‚ 1935 in Winnipeg Manitoba ‚ Hospital now closed. John Dennison Pringle was born to Helen‚ then 18 and John "Jack" Pringle‚ then 19. This was the second son for this couple‚ the first of which was also put up for adoption but passed away as an infant‚ before 1935 but died soon after. We believe he was born on September 11‚ 1933 and was named Robert Bryan / Brian Pringle. Helen and Jack did not marry each other. Jack Pringle married Olive Rae McClellan in Winnipeg. Helen married in Winnipeg at the age of 41 but then there are no further records for her. We are assuming she moved out of Province or even the Country. There are no further records in Winnipeg Vital Statistics about either Helen or Jack. Both families are of Scottish decent. Helen has a very common Scottish last names of which we do not know yet. She married Cecil in 1958 or 1959 ‚who also has a very common last name and is from the United States. Helen has 3 sisters who married and became Johnson‚ Shaw and Wilson and she had a brother named Bob. Helen’s parents names are Gertie/Gertrude and Bob/Robert. Gertie’s sisters name was Mrs. Forrest/Forest. Jack had one brother named Terrence and their parents names are Harry and Hazel Pringle. Our dad was given the name of John "Jack" Charles Uprichard when he was adopted - he later changed his last name to Pritchard. He moved from Winnipeg to Victoria to Vancouver where he went to school‚ married and started his family. We as a family would be thrilled to have some missing pieces put into place. Our dad is now 74 years old‚ married for 52 years‚ has 3 children‚ 4 grandchildren‚ 2 great grandchildren‚ also 5 step-grandchildren‚ and 3 step-great grandchildren. Please contact me if you can help us find some of our dad’s heritage and birth family members. We look forward to hearing from you.

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12. Michael90098 : Looking for Lori Mae Freeman my birth mom born 1963 I was born october 12 1984 my name is michael david burmaster (freeman) I was adopted and I have a half sister born in 85 Jodi I’m not sure my birth dads name but my moms sister is matilda who Ive recently found and she is looking for my mom as well. I just want to say that mom if you ever do read this I love you for who you are no matter what and I don’t hold nothing against you for who you were or who you are I hope that one day we find eachother you have lots of people that miss you and love you PLEASE REPLY

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13. David_Schurko : Looking for newfew should be 18 years old born on March 7 1991. Born in Dauphin Manitoba. Birth Name: David Linden Leslie Schurko.

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14. Susan1952 : I have been helping my friend to find her sisiter.In the year of 1974 my friend (Kristy Traverse) and also her older sister Pattie Traverse were adopted out to 2 families . The two were kept together when thr youngest one Angela Sinclair/Traverse was adopted out to a family in O ntario . Angela Sinclair birth date APRIL 22 1974 .She was born in Ashern Winnipeg M.B. Angela was 8 months old when she was taken away

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15. Littleduck : I was born April 5,1967 @ the Grace Hospital in Winnipeg...Adopted to an amazing family few weeks later... :) Years ago I searched and had recieved information about my birth parents...but chose to not hang onto that later on... In 1994...I recieved a phone call that one or more siblings were looking for me...but wasn’t ready for that step in my life... I’m ready now ...Have some health issues that may be genetic,may not be...would love to find out for sure... Birth name was Debra Ann...I believe I have 2sisters,one brother ?? and I was the oldest from what I remember...

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