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31. JoanneDaignault : Hi there my name is Joanne Daignault and I’m.looking for 2 people from my childhood who were my cousins through being foster children of my Aunt and uncle whos names was Nancy and Hector Daigneault from winnipeg Manitoba. The 2 people im looking for are brother and sister named Samantha and David Rogue at the time and might have went with Daigneault before they were adopted. I’m looking for them because when we were kids me being older they were like my little sister and brother. I have so many pictures of them and I really would love to re connect and find them. Nancy and Hector have passed away and Nancys side who would remember they have passed on or just don’t remember. Please can you help me or direct me to who can? Thank you Joanne Daignault

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32. Searching2023 : i believe my brother was living in alberta‚ he’s a teacher had two children.i believe he had red hair at birth . Teresanewman i’m on facebook, in mb he reach out to my mother 12 years ago and my mom refused contact‚ unfortunately well you have five siblings my oldest brother past away. i’m the second youngest i hope we can find each other! Teresa

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