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Were you born in California? Or are you searching for someone born in California? is proud to offer a California state adoption reunion registry where you can meet by mutual consent without having to open records. We have provided a form on this page for you to check your matches.  From San Diego to Sacramento and everywhere in between, if both parties want to meet then you can find each other on!  Adoptees born in California only have access to their amended birth certificate, as California state adoption records have been sealed since 1935. Those who wish to obtain their birth and adoption records from California, including an original birth certificate, can only do so through a court order.   

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586. JoleenHolt : Does the woman in the picture look familiar? It is possible you may be unaware that you have a daughter if you had relations with this woman around December 1956 or January 1957. Looking for bio-grandfather... My mom, born in Marysville / Yuba City, CA, August 29, 1957, was adopted by family. After I discovered the secret, Mom moved to Alaska to get to know her bio-mom. My mom passed at 57 in 2014. My bio-grandmother never would tell my mom who her bio-father was. I’m not trying to be offensive in any way... just stating facts... I believe bio-father was "a client" and perhaps that is why she has been so tight-lipped. I’m not sure the bio-father even knows my mom existed. Bio-grandmother had 5 children and gave 2 up for adoption. All of her children had different fathers. I recently found my uncle (the 2nd child she gave up) through due to DNA results. He recently met his bio-mom / my bio-gma, and she was also tight-lipped about his father, other than to say he was Filipino. My mom’s father was not. Picture is of Laura, my bio-gma. Her maiden name is Bentley. She has 3 children with her in this pic and pregnant with last child, my uncle mentioned above. Pic was taken in late 1963 and she is 27 in this pic.

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587. JoleenHolt : Looking for Bio-Grandfather. He may not even know he had a daughter. Her name was Charlene. Picture is of bio-grandmother, Laura Bentley, in her late teens or early 20’s. She was a call girl and I believe it is possible bio-grandfather may have been a client. If the person in the picture looks familiar to you and you had "an encounter" with her, you may be my grandfather. My mom was born in Aug 1957 in Marysville / Yuba City, CA. It is also very possible bio-grandfather is deceased. Maybe I have other relatives out there. I have DNA results too. OH, and Laura never would tell my mom who her father was.

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588. Harristiffany118 : Twentynine palms or desert hot springs ca Machelle Childs Robert Goggins jr. Barbara ann mclain

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