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6. Don-Welch-Hopley : My name is Don Welch, I am in my 80s. My partner Margaret Hopley had baby girl in Walton on Thames in the 1950s / fifties, possibly Emly House she gave up the baby for adoption, I had no say in the matter. It was common practise for unmarried mothers to go to this maternity hospital and give birth and give up their babies, I would like to find my adopted girl. I am quite elderly now and so my dear friend Kiki is helping me with this, please send her your details if you think you are or know my daughter Please email incase we discontinue this account.

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7. Ruthbenton : Hi Mum. Is (Grace) Mary Pearce. Mum had to give up my brother weeks after birth. Losing Mark haunted mum her entire adult life. I’m one of four siblings . David, Steven, Paul and me- Ruth . I’m looking for my eldest brother who was born Mark Pearce on 20 November 1961. Guildford , Surrey , England. He may have been named Michael or Mathew? Could be wrong though. Mums DNA is on 23&ME so look up Mary Benton .We also have a skin condition on our hands. You would have a 50% chance of having that from mum xx I have three children of my own . We siblings would all love to know our brother . Any help would be appreciated I pray we find our brother Ruth

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8. Robertdroy28 : My birth name is Jason john bielinski 18/10/72. ... My mother Anna Elizabeth bielinski 24/10/49..... My sister Clara bielinski 17/9/71..... I was handed over on the 25/10/72.... My adopted parents are Shirley droy and Raymond droy, they named me Robert Jason john droy.

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9. Jamquatre : Hey this is James if you’re still in redhill can you contact me

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10. JanMcGee : I am looking for Rosemary Hovells (birth name). She was the daughter of Jean Gladys Hovells, a single lady from Corton, Nr Lowestoft. I believe that Rosemary’s Father was called Eric and lived/passed away in or near Norwich. Jean passed away a couple of years ago but was forbidden to talk about Rosemary, or tell anyone anything about her relationship with Eric.

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