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1. Aaron : my name at birth before adoption: Anthony Thomas DALY the name of my birth mother is Joanne Mary DALY. I was born @ Queen Victoria Hospital, Rose Pk, S.A. I was adopted in January or February in 1976.

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2. Fitzgerald : i was born in the queen victoria hospital in adelaide s.a. my mothers name is elizabeth anne pearce but was known as jacki. only know my fathers name is lew mc intyre not too sure of spelling of surname he would be in his 60’s now. hoping you can help me thank you from lisa fitzgerald

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3. Sdavies : My Grandfather would like to find his siblings. He doesnt know his birth mothers real name or even much about the adoption but he does know he has a sister and a twin brother. His name is Bruce Davies and is now 71 years old. He lives in Adelaide and is married (Judy) with 3 sons (Stephen‚ Phillip‚ Lynton). If you have any information can you please contact me.

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4. Lr2673 : wanting to find my older sister, from the information I have gathered, I believe she was born @ Queen Victory Hospital Adelaide South Australia around 30Th July 1967 (this might not be 100% but it was definitely around this time)?

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5. Ruth_weinberg : I am currently looking for my birth mother. I was born on the 7/8/1965 at Malvern Hospital‚ I believe in SA. My mother was only young‚ and I have been told her initials were MJW.

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