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6. Arob1972 : I am searching for birth mother who was age 19 at time of birth. I was born at Clare hospital South Australia 7/2/1972. Mothers dob 30/6/1952 born at wallaroo. Her surname at the time was Penney.

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7. Stacey2374 : Hello my name is Stacey Warne nee Gorman. My mother is Sharon Gorman my mother and father had gotten together roughly in may 1973 and my father worked at Barry’s electrical in Port Adelaide‚ Sth Aust. I was born in Port Pirie on 23rd February 1974. I was told that my father also played for the port Adelaide Magpies ( not certain of which level). The only other bit of information is that his first name begins with an R. I am being positive that I will locate him. Feel free to email me.

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8. Ridefast34 : Born in Mannum hospital 16/01/64 male Would like to contact birth mother or father Regards Scott

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9. Liz100 : Birth mothers name: Lyverne Ruth Schilling Date of birth: 19/10/1954 Place of birth: Western Australia Age at my birth: 29 Occupation: Nurse Lived: Usually South Australia Last know address.

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10. Chineselady : Hi‚ my daughter was born in Adelaide‚ I am not sure of date and year‚ it would be between 1968 and 1976 may be in May or June. Sweetheart I am here for you.

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