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1. Carlissie : My name is Carl Schmidt‚ living in Pretoria South Africa and I am search for my daughter Nicole Schmidt born in Bulawayo Zimbabwe 27/01/1988. Nicole’s mother is married to Francis J. Betch. I have reason to believe that Nicole’s mother Sharon Betch and her husband Francis J. Betch has either adopted Nicole or changed her name to Nicole Betch without my consent or my knowledge. I would appreciate if there is any one that can assist me in making contact with my daughter as her mother Sharon has blocked me from Nicole for many years now. Please contact me.

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2. Rozalette : I am Rozalette Marie Bosman and I gave birth n the 15th May 1968 in Pietermaritzburg at the Grays Hospital. At that time I was living in Senekal Free State. The biological father is Ernst Gideon Malherbe. The welfare worker recommended the hospital were I gave birth. At that time I lived in Bethlehem Free State. I gave my son the name of Anton Bosman on the birth papers. I believed that someone from Senekal in Free State adopted my son.

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3. 0714054471 : My mom gave birth to Baby Muller in Grace Hospital KwaZulu‚ She was at that stage under age and her mother Heila Fourie took the child away and gave her up for adoption. My mom really needs to find her as she has already lost another 2 Kidd’s at death. My mom is Annamarie Trytsman and stays in Pretoria North and I’m one of her Kidd’s My name is Charlene Gerritzen

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4. NoeleenCatherine : I am trying to find my sister. Name at birth: Catherine/Christian Crerar Adopted name: Chantal ? Birth date: 1 November 1974 Country and place of birth: Durban‚ South Africa Chantal is believed to have been adopted by an Indian lady and coloured gentleman. After the couple adopted Chantal they went into adopting a son as well. Our bother abandoned us and Chantal was given up for adoption by the state. I was placed in foster care from the age of 2 years till 18 years I am the oldest between the two of us. Anyone with information can please contact me Noeleen Zeeman

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5. JBerlyn : Adopted Child: Anthony John Berlyn Adopted by Geoffrey Marcus and Muriel Mabel Lydia Berlyn Date of birth: 19/5/1943 Place of birth: Durban

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6. Kaylee89 : I was born in Westville hospital, durban KZN 15 September 1989 to Nicola Gay then age 17 (Pinetown girls student). I was adopted from birth, searching for my biological father whos name is apparently robert williamson and has a brother chris / craig not to sure. he was in pinetown boys highschool 1989. He has brown hair and the most stunning blue eyes, thats the only memory I have of his photo which has gone missing over the years. I was told that he has scottish bloodline and loves to write poetry. please if anyone knows anything please contact me

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7. Phindile : My name is Amanda Mtolo I was left by my mother who’s name is Snenhlanhla Mtolo or Phindile but the name on my Birth certificate says Snenhlanhla Mtolo. She left me with my father’s sister and her name is Ncane Mable Sibiya she resides in Newlands East Durban that is where she left me when I was 1 years old. My father’s name is Trevor Bonginkosi Sibiya nick name(Bhutiza). My I don’t know where I can find my mother since she left without notifying anyone. I think my mothers sisters name is Faith or she might know someone by the name Faith.

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8. JJprayer25 : My son was born on the 16th November 1978. Born in the St Aidan’s hospital in Durban. Delievred by Doctor F Khan. Weight was 3.2kgs. Born on Friday at around 8:25pm. I was discharged on Saturday 17th November 1978. Until my son was born I had no idea that my family had arranged for him to be adopted. He was taken away from me ‚ and that was the last time I saw my baby. My son’s name is Mahesh Lalla.... my maiden name is Jayshree Lalla. I do have an o his‚ given to me by my sister 13 years later. His ID> No. : 781116 5078 05 9. Issued on the 28th December 1978 . I was kept at this address until I gave birth... Asherville‚ Durban. This family has sinced moved and their last address I have is Lenham‚ Phoenix‚ Durban. The following are the members o that family : Bashir Amod‚ Ayesha Amod‚ (husband n wife). Cookie Amod (daughter) last known address : Woodview. Moosa Amod (son) . address : Phoenix‚ Durban. Have 2 other names‚ not sure how they fit into the above family. Rahman Amod and Mohideen Goolam Amod.... address same as in Lenham ‚ Phoenix. I have a Grandad’s name n date of birth. : Hoosen Amod .. ID.: 240126 5047 058. Also person of interest is Bridgette ‚ Kiddsbrook‚ Brookdale. She knew me when I was living in Asherville before giving birth. I also have a letter from St Aidan’s Hospital stating that I Jayshree Lalla did not give birth at St Adidan’s Hospital on the 16th November 1978. On 31st July 2002‚ I went to St Aidan’s hospital and spoke to Karen Reinertsen who gave me the letter of confirmation that I did not give birth there. On the 19th March 2002‚ I also reached out to Marieka Bloem at the Registra of Adoptions in Pretoria. Marieka apparently tried to get in touch with the adoptive parents on numerous occasions and was told that‚ I must stop harassing the family as they will issue a restraining order against me. Who was I supposed to be harassing if I had no idea who the adoptive parents were??. Hope this helps... should you need any other ino. please feel free to contact me. Many many thanks . Warm Regards

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9. Salot : My mother was born in Greys Hospital in Pietermaritzburg Natal South Africa on 16/11/1942. She passed away in 2015. She did not know who her biological parents were. I am trying to trace her parents and family but finding it very hard as her name was changed after adoption. Please help. I think her mother was Gladys Joyce but I cannot say for sure. She did not know her biological father at all. I hope you can help me. Her father may have been an Asian man of Muslim faith. Many thanks. I am in the UK at present.

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10. Alleyn : I seek my Mum whom is around 5foot and my father over 6 foot tall. I have dark hair a scar on my left lower cheek and a scar on my left shin. I am in the Mental health system in KwaZulu Natal. I think I was born in St Aidan’s Hospital. I also believe Chatsworth social workers had something to do with the adoption papers and I am sure these papers were never signed due to a court appearance of the deceased foster parent. I need nearing up. I am 47-49 years old and I believe my mother was insidiously impregnated and young around 9-10 years old. I am worriesome and fearful of dereliction being cut off from my adoptive siblings with this enquiry but I must go on. I have lived in OFS. and TVL. and the E.C. please help urgently... My name is Alleyn. Alexander. St. John-Rose. Windermere Durban

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