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Were you born in Georgia? Or are you searching for someone born in Georgia? is proud to offer a Georgia state adoption reunion registry where you can meet by mutual consent without having to open records. We have provided a form on this page for you to check your matches  From Valdosta to Atlanta and everywhere in between, if both parties want to meet then you can find each other on Those who wish to obtain their birth and adoption records from Georgia, including an original birth certificate, can only do so through a court order. Nonidentifying information can be accessed by adult adoptees via a written request.

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1. Scbysnack1 : FOUND - AUGUST 2022 Michigan‚ Muskegon‚ Grant‚ Washburn‚ Constance‚ Jerry‚ Loretta‚ Lima‚ Newaygo‚ Ken‚ Larry‚ Orville‚ Ravenna‚ White Cloud‚ Westbrook

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2. Mello41us : i had a daughter in 1981 born in atlanta ga.birthname is brandy marie pruitt.she was staying with my best friend in auburn alabama and she got a cold and was admitted into the hospital in opelika alabama.that was in oct.1981.her father had a hearing and got custody of her, because we did not have a place to live.that was the last time i saw here. she was 4 months old.her father wanted to name her lisa marie hinnant,but i do not think her name was legally changed to that?i think that onne of her fathers family members adopted her.her surnames could be hinnant,hamby,turner, johnson or something else.her grandparents names were mildred and james m hinnant and mildred second husband was named milford henly hamby.they lived in blairesville ga.they have family in nc,sc,texas,alabama,ga. and maybe cal.?i can not find any records of her under brandy marie pruitt OR lisa hinnant from the hosdpital in opelika alabama and the doctor richard m. freeman who saw her in alabama when she was staying with my friend abby pettiss.she got sick with a cold and abby took her to east alabama memorial center hospital in opelika or auburn alab.?i hich-hiked from pensacola fl. to the hospital.that was 10-05-1981.her father steve and his girl friend who he married was theire.she would not let me hold you. i saw her dad about two years ago and he said cynthia his wife was not about to let me near brandy/lisa because i abandoned her.i did not. i was homeless and i could not find her father ,so i took her to pensacola with me. my friend dian drove us theire. i had no home or job, lisa and i stayed with different people for a day or two, but they did not offer us a home ,to stay at theire house, so i realized that is not life for a child. i did not have a job.i was also an alcoholic and on drugs.i have 3 m3ntal illnesses,but mental illness runs in my family.most of it is from childhood,abby came to fl. to pick brandy/lisa up to take her to alabama, she offered. people offered lisa a home,but they wanted to adopt her. i did not want to give her up,i knew i would gget a job and a place to live and i could take care of her then.i think her name may be alecia ann or marie johnson, or lisa marie johnson ,theire is a alecia johnson, and lisa hamby, which is her dads mothers second husband last name.also a lisa johnson who lives in woodstock ga. and canton. ga. that is where her father and his wife live.her grandparents live in blairesville ga.james hinnant and james hamby.steve has a brother or some relative named william hinnant who lives with steve and cindy.steve said she died the day the adoption was to go thru. he said brandy/lisa stayed at a foster home in opelika alabama until the day the adoption went thru.i asked him what was the name of the fostwer mom and he said he did not know.i asked him were theire mor infants that she was keeping, and maybe another child died instead of my daughter.he would not tell me anything.he did say 10-26-1981 which is the day she supposedly @ 8.a.m that no one got any sleep that night because lisa cried all night.i said that does not make any since.he said she was latargic all night as well ,and i asked him why she did not take her to the emergency room? no answer.he just kept saying how upset the foster mom was when she called him i ga. to tell him she died that morning.that was the day he was to pick her up and take her to live with him and cindy.i know steve and his family they would not have left her with a stranger.the foster mom took her body to the hospital and dr. richard m. freeman who is a pedeiiatrican he saw her when she was in the hospital FROM 09-27 THRU 10-07-1981.STEVE SAID THE HOSPITAL SEALED HER CASKET SHUT.I ASKED HIM WHY AND HE SAID SHE HAD SOME KIND OF BACTERIA INFECTION. I ASKED HIM WAS IT MENENGITIES AND I ALSO ASKED ABBY WHO TOOK LISA TO THE HOSPITAL WHEN SHE GOT SICK AND SHE AND STEVE SAID NO she did not have menengities. abby said she just had a cold AND HER AND STEVE SAID SHE HAS A SMALL HEART MUMMER.ANYWAY,

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3. CollidingChaoti : I was born Dec 1, 1989 @ Atlanta Medical Center in Fulton Co. I am looking for my birth mom. Her name is Shelly. She wrote me a letter before I was born and gave it to my birth parents.

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4. Chullinger : Eveyn Elizabeth Smith named at adoption‚ now Elizabeth Ruyle Hullinger. Looking for birth mother or father or relatives. I was born Oct 26‚ 1946 at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta. I weighed 5 lbs 6 ounces‚ with black hair and blue eyes‚ adopted at 3 days of age. I was adopted by Danihel and Mae Smith in Covington Georgia. Would like to meet some relatives. I am married with two children‚ living in Illinois.

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5. Thelandoflala : I’m an African-American woman‚ born July 5‚ 1965 in a Bibb County (GA) hospital. I was named Cynthia at the time of birth and placed in a foster home‚ a few days later. I have a sister and 3 or 4 brothers. If you have any infomation on this case‚ please contact me.

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