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Were you born in Georgia? Or are you searching for someone born in Georgia? is proud to offer a Georgia state adoption reunion registry where you can meet by mutual consent without having to open records. We have provided a form on this page for you to check your matches  From Valdosta to Atlanta and everywhere in between, if both parties want to meet then you can find each other on Those who wish to obtain their birth and adoption records from Georgia, including an original birth certificate, can only do so through a court order. Nonidentifying information can be accessed by adult adoptees via a written request.

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136. Janetlorenasmith : I wish to find my daughter Kayla I can be contacted. Her birth name was Kayla Lorena jann smith I also know her ss# as well

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137. Judithalligood : My Aunt Lizzie Mae NeSmirh from Dublin‚ Ga. raised a little girl named Jimmie Sue for 5 years. She was adopted at the age of 5 (1968)…My Aunt grieved herself to death as she never knew what happened to her precious little girl. Many of our family members really want to know how Jimmie Sue is doing!!! She may have lived in Gainesville‚ Ga. My name is Judith Lynn Alligood. Jimmie Sue we would love to hear from you!!!

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138. Eyerus : Hello Dear‚ Greetings!! My name Is Dawit Chernet from Ethiopian . I have tried to mentioned as shown below child information . 1.Gender child :Girl 2.Year of child birth=April‚2005. 3.Birth name of child=Mahlet Zinabu 4.Age child entered care center=9 Months . 5.year child entered care center=Dec‚2006. Background of information The mother of child was stressed after her birth of MAHLET ZINABU as economic problems then she gave her child Godanaw Care center campus.however‚Eyerus Chernet has no PHOTO .For a while‚ she didn’t as about the child. But after some period of time she went to Godanaw and asked for information about her child but unfortunately the care center Godanaw rehabilitation center was closed .she didn’t know any information about her child but she is expecting her child was adopted because of most of child found in GRIP were adopted outside of the country. Her mother doesn’t have any information about where her child is adopted or through what agency the child was adopted or when her child is adopted . Please contact me. Dawit Chernet/

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139. Jess0116 : Birth mom: Rachel Shannon Biggers‚ Childs possible name: Amanda Gail‚ Childs possibly birth father: Charles Allen‚ possible birth place Porterdale/Covington‚ GA My name: Sandy Smith

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140. Shy06 : I would love to reconnect with my little sister serenity selph!

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141. Claramayer573 : Skyler Ezekiel strickland born at eastside medical mother clara lynn mayer father Joshua strickland has one sister sierra robinson born june 18th 1999 also Eastside medical georgia 30084

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142. TalynGenter : If you’re my mom I’ll know your first name and birthday. If you gave up a baby girl in 2005 in Georgia. Btw. I think about you every so often.

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143. BobbieJo84 : My only message is that I have been searching endlessly for my family. I was in foster care since 1988. And adopted when was a teenager. I hope someone out there has been searching for me as I have been searching for you my whole life. It’s possible that I have Twin. I’m not sure of the gender or the name as genomelink everything is private until the request is accepted. I do know he or she has tested on ancestry but found out that you can opt out to see dna matches but everything is private until the request is accepted. I do know his or her name but it shows he or she has tested on ancestry.I have my dna everywhere but 23and me. The only names 1 know of but l’m not sure if they could be my bio parents Robin Floyd Dearcos And Judy Ann McMahan also goes by Nelson. But again not entirely sure. As I have been lied to my whole life. It could be possible that i was double adopted. My name at birth might not of been Bobbie Jo Nelson but its all i have known. When i got adopted as a teen my name changed to Savanah Jo Cumming last name is now Echevarria.My Gedmatch kit number is AY7957870. PLEASE DONT GIVE UP ON ME!

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144. RealStevieJ : My name is John Stephen Jones. I go by Stevie. I found my mother a couple years ago in Augusta‚ Georgia. From the information she told me‚ my biological father and her had me in North Carolina. Stationed in Fort Bragg. Her name is Wendy Marcu. She has brothers named Ian‚ Eddie. A sister named Heather. I’m just trying to find him and let him know that I’m 28‚ coming up on 29. And I don’t want to go the rest of my life without knowing. I did the app 23 And Me‚ but it showed hardly anything to lead me anywhere. Just asking for help. Reach me.

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145. ReginaPoole1 : my Grandmother is deceased since 1984. I’m looking for her birth name‚ her adopted parents told her she was adopted. Mary Etta Butts is her adopted name but her birth name is Samson or Sampson ’‚ she is a Mohegan Indian. Regina Poole. I would like to put her correct name on family tree. At her funeral several Indian relatives came ‚I was told. I would like to find family members if possible. We know nothing about her side of the family except for adopted Paerent and sibling

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146. Bessmccombs : Hello‚ I am trying to find my adopted nephew. His father‚ Bruce Austin Paddock is my brother who died in 2005. His mother’s name was Rachael Leggett. I know he was adopted at birth in 2005 in Johns Creek‚ GA. Here is the contact information for one of the attorneys involved in the adoption: The Law Office of Lori M. Surmay P.O. Box 98403 Atlanta‚ GA 30359

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147. TeeRavKai4 : Bulloch County Dept. of Family & Children Services. Previous foster parents‚ Pastors Ronnie & Joanne Washington of Statesboro Ga. You can contact me. My name is TeeWandra Michelle Young Jackson. My daughter’s birth name is Raven Zykeria Jamyah Young/ Childers! Please help me if you can!

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