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1. Carlissie : My name is Carl Schmidt‚ living in Pretoria South Africa and I am search for my daughter Nicole Schmidt born in Bulawayo Zimbabwe 27/01/1988. Nicole’s mother is married to Francis J. Betch. I have reason to believe that Nicole’s mother Sharon Betch and her husband Francis J. Betch has either adopted Nicole or changed her name to Nicole Betch without my consent or my knowledge. I would appreciate if there is any one that can assist me in making contact with my daughter as her mother Sharon has blocked me from Nicole for many years now. Please contact me.

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2. Yolanda273 : I am looking for my sister Yolanda Strydom she is born on the 6th of December 1977 Our father passed away in February . I am desperately looking for her. The social service in SA did contact her adopted Mum. Yolanda do not know that we were looking for her last year. Our father did look for her in 2000 I think her adopted parents changed her name and surname. Please if any person know where I can contact her. I have personal belongings for Yolanda. She is born in Port Elizabeth. Yolanda have 6 sisters and a brother. I live in England and would love to her in October when one of our sisters are going to marry. If any person know where I can find her. Please our family is not completed without her. My name is Rentia van Schalkwyk

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3. Fleck : My husband’s birth name were Graham Flack Please contact me

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4. Joyonny : 0847720587

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5. WendyWewegeMostert : Deon Junior Boshoff/Wewege not sure under which surname he was registered. He was born in the Frontier Hospital in Queenstown and was registered in Cradock as this is where the Mother lived. The Mother is Lalanie Boshoff now (Pretorius) her Mother is Gertruida Boshoff and the Father Deon Wewege. Adoption was done by Linda van Zyl who is now no longer trading.

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6. TracyNell : Hi, my name is Tracy Nell (nee Connellan) and my sisters and I are trying to locate our eldest sister (from my father). Her full name at birth was Beverley Bernadette Connellan and she was given up for adoption at approximately 3 months old. My fathers name was Owen Gary Connellan and his first wife (Beverley’s mother) was Gloria. We do not know her exact birth date but she should be approximately 54 / 55 years of age.

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7. NickyMostert1976 : I’m looking for my brother he was born in PE at the Provincial Hospital! His name is Frans! His biological mother was Francina Bouwer and farther was Andre Van de Venter ID of farther 5111155032089 His mother stayed at Huis Connie Human during the pregnancy! Please if anyone can help with info!! Thanx

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8. Levy1984 : Hi madam, sir my name is sadiya Ali I was born in 1984 at the livingstone hospital in Port Elizabeth eastern cape my adopted parents was from George western Cape and I grew up in George I only Know my biological mother’s surname is levy I need assistance in finding out about my biological parents

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9. LynnBev : Andre Paxinos... Adopted by William Nick Petersen and Annie Petersen (May)... In Port Elizabeth on the 20 Nov 1969... Mr. JL Wepener ...kommisaris. Landros verwysing NMR.1412-4869

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10. Babalwa : Social worker Mrs Mankayi queenstown in 1987..my name than was Asanda Skwebu not not shore if realy name.my cuzn said i was 3days wen i arrived not shore.....adoptive parents Mr nd Mrs Ngesi both late now..plz help me .....im based in aliwal north now not shore why thy moved ne from queenstown........my late mom wen she used to drink and swear at me she used to say she picked me up in pipes.....da names were Mr zolile wesley nd Thandiwe mary nomvano ngesi... Plz help me i beg u

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