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1. KKing : I am looking for my birth father Robert Thompson born at 1950-1951. I was born in July 1968 and adopted from St Josephs Orphanage in Perth. I have already met my birth mother and would like to complete the puzzle by meeting him. If anyone knows of him or his family members whereabouts all info would be greatly appreciated.

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2. Ashleighwhite : I want to find my birth mother. I belive i was named Rosie Speight befor i was adopted. I was born on 12/08/1987 at East Fremantle woodside womens hospital.

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3. Danwaa : Searching for my birth mother from when i was born. Born 13th June 1988 at King edward memorial hospital, Subiaco. Birth Name Joel Robert Burges

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4. Wade1990 : I‚ m adopted robert john forrest mitchell searching for my parents

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5. Woodsy92 : As far as I know my daughters name is Aailyah and she eas adopted to someone in eestetn australia. Her mothers name is Krystal Ann degorgio and I know she was born in 1988 . name is sean woods

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6. Dyna : I am told i have a twin and trying to find him . I think he was adopted at birth at king edward hospital in perth wa

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7. Dd83wa : Place of birth was Choong Chung Buk-Do. I was adopted by Errol and Sheryl Dyson. I have limited details but may be able to uncover more if I ask my parents.

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8. Eyerus : Hello Dear‚ Greetings!! My name Is Dawit Chernet from Ethiopian . I have tried to mentioned as shown below child information . 1.Gender child :Girl 2.Year of child birth=April‚2005. 3.Birth name of child=Mahlet Zinabu 4.Age child entered care center=9 Months . 5.year child entered care center=Dec‚2006. Background of information The mother of child was stressed after her birth of MAHLET ZINABU as economic problems then she gave her child Godanaw Care center campus.however‚Eyerus Chernet has no PHOTO .For a while‚ she didn’t as about the child. But after some period of time she went to Godanaw and asked for information about her child but unfortunately the care center Godanaw rehabilitation center was closed .she didn’t know any information about her child but she is expecting her child was adopted because of most of child found in GRIP were adopted outside of the country. Her mother doesn’t have any information about where her child is adopted or through what agency the child was adopted or when her child is adopted . Please contact me.

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