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Were you born in Pennsylvania? Or are you searching for someone born in Pennsylvania? is proud to offer a Pennsylvania state adoption reunion registry where you can meet by mutual consent without having to open records. We have provided a form on this page for you to check your matches. From Philadelphia to Pittsburgh and everywhere in between, if both parties want to meet then you can find each other on! Currently, adult adoptees seeking the information from their original birth certificate may only receive said information should one or both parents give consent that the information on the birth certificate be disclosed. Should only one parent consent, then only the identity of the consenting parent will be disclosed. However, starting November 3, 2017 adult adoptees will have the right to access their original birth certificate. Some still may receive a redacted birth certificate which does not disclose the name of one or both birth parents, but in this case a complete medical history will be provided to the adoptee.

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1. LOstlOvEdOnE93 : The person I am searching for was named Catherine Cynthia Tomlinson at birth. Her nickname was Katie. Parts of her name may have been changed. I have not been in contact with her but my mother (her biological mother) has contacted her through mailing letters. When the adoption agency shut down we lost contact with Catherine. When Catherine was born she was 7 lbs. 11 oz. and 21 in. long. This was on May 20th‚ 1989 on a saturday at 9:30 PM. She was born with blonde hair and blue eyes. As a baby she was allergic to milk‚ but that runs in my family and usually goes away after a little while. The people who adopted her said their names were Tom and Jane‚ but we are not positive if that is really their names. They said to have owned 2 car dealerships and one racetrack at the time. They lived in Pennsylvania. Jane was said to be a school teacher. The adoption agency was "Choices Adoption Agency" and the person who worked there who helped my mother find someone to adopt Catherine was named Shirley Owens. Catherine was my mothers first child‚ she was only 17 when she had her and was afraid she wouldn’t be able to provide for as much as she should be provided for. 4 years after she had her she gave birth to me (1993). In 2000 she gave birth to another girl and then a little boy in 2003. Catherine was the only one that she gave up for adoption. PLEASE HELP ME FIND MY SISTER and if you have any info. that could help me find her PLEASE email me. And Catherine‚ if your reading this‚ just know that we love you alot and we want to find you. And if we do find you we want you to be happy to meet us too.

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2. Scbysnack1 : FOUND - AUGUST 2022 Michigan‚ Muskegon‚ Grant‚ Washburn‚ Constance‚ Jerry‚ Loretta‚ Lima‚ Newaygo‚ Ken‚ Larry‚ Orville‚ Ravenna‚ White Cloud‚ Westbrook

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3. Mtboy1 : Just found out that my birth surname was Shannon. Looking for any family members. Was adopted to a family in the Gettysburg, Pa. area @ about nine months of age.

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