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1. Carlissie : My name is Carl Schmidt‚ living in Pretoria South Africa and I am search for my daughter Nicole Schmidt born in Bulawayo Zimbabwe 27/01/1988. Nicole’s mother is married to Francis J. Betch. I have reason to believe that Nicole’s mother Sharon Betch and her husband Francis J. Betch has either adopted Nicole or changed her name to Nicole Betch without my consent or my knowledge. I would appreciate if there is any one that can assist me in making contact with my daughter as her mother Sharon has blocked me from Nicole for many years now. Please contact me.

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2. Plaasmeisie : I know the women that birth me name was Charmain. I know I had a sister a year older than me named Chantelle I know I had another name Elisabeth Christine And I’m sure I had a younger sister named Jessica. I know we all had different fathers and mine is unknow. Me and chantelle were found in a abandoned apartment in East London somwhere. I had very poor eyesight as a baby and had to wear glases since I can remember. And my sister teeth didn’t come in till bery late. That’s all I know. My mom doesn’t know much about our real parents. This is all the information I have.

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3. Sandy76 : My name is Sandy Robb ( maiden name McKnight ) I was adopted in Dec 1976 within two weeks of my birth‚ I was born at Mobray hospital in Cape Town and my birth mother was from Newlands‚ young and unmarried. Her parents were medical professionals. I was adopted by Rosalind and Malcolm McKnight who were based in East London in the Eastern Cape at my time of birth. I have an older brother Steven also adopted 2 years prior from a different birth mother‚ my parents one biological child my brother Grant has downs syndrome and was 12 when I was adopted. The south African child welfare records are sealed and this is all the information I have about my adoption. I would give anything to get some more information about my biological family or be able to somehow connect with my birth mother. As the records were sealed at the time of adoption‚ I have no idea where to start.

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