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Were you born in Kansas? Or are you searching for someone born in Kansas? Adopted.com is proud to offer a Kansas state adoption reunion registry where you can meet by mutual consent without having to open records. We have provided a form on this page for you to check your matches. From Topeka to Colby and everywhere in between, if both parties want to meet then you can find each other on Adopted.com! In Kansas, original birth records prior to an adoption are sealed records. Original records may be opened by court order or at the request of the adoptee, if the adoptee is of legal age (18 years old or older). To obtain an uncertified copy of the before adoption birth certificate, the adoptee must submit a written notarized request.

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1. Loislane7 : I am looking for my birth parents. I need some medical information. I was adopted from Catholic Social Services in Kansas City‚ Mo. I was born on July 5th 1981. I am female. If you have info please contact me.

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2. Mellow : I was born 08/13/68 in atchision kansas at Atchision hospital. My mothers name was Donna ann not sure of the last name but she was married to michael david gorrell. my name is Melody Lee Laukant. My birth name was gorrell. Adopted name was Melody Lee Timm. my birth mother is from California.

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3. Shirley6794 : I would like to find my birth sibling that was adopted. My mother said she gave birth to a daughter on Feb 10-14‚ 1986 in Kanas City Kansas either at Providence Medical Center or KU Medical center in Kansas City KS. My mother just recently suffered a servere stroke and revealed to me about this adoption. My mother would have been 28 years old going on 29. Mother name on original birth certificate would be Marsha Brand. I would love to find this sister I never knew anything about. Shirley Adams

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