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Were you born in Indiana? Or are you searching for someone born in Indiana? is proud to offer an Indiana state adoption reunion registry where you can meet by mutual consent without having to open records. We have provided a form on this page for you to check your matches. From Evansville to South Bend and everywhere in between, if both parties want to meet then you can find each other on! For adoptions finalized prior to January 1, 1994 law requires that the Indiana State Registrar, the Family Social Services Administration (FSSA), county divisions of family and children, child placement agencies, health care providers, and courts release identifying information if both the adult adoptee (age 21 and over) and a birth parent (if named on the original birth record) file a written consent form with the office of the State Registrar. For adoptions finalized after December 31, 1993, an adult adoptee (age 21 or over) or the adoptive parents of an adoptee who is under age 21 may request information concerning the identity and location of any pre-adoptive siblings of adoptee, may receive identifying information by sending written request, along with signature identification, to the Indiana State Registrar at the Indiana State Department of Health. Effective July 1, 2018, the new law will equalize access to information for all Indiana adoptees, making Indiana the 14th state to give adult adoptees from the “closed records” period access to their original birth certificate and adoption records.

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1. J-graber : 1989 my Grandmother, Deloris LaRue, passed away in Syracuse, IN. My dad-or the man who raised me-RANDY HARRIS- was her son, her biological son. At that time, Randy and my mother-TAMRA LEICHTMAN- had only been together for 5 years and had a huge drug problem. Randys, much younger, adopted, sister-AMANDA LARUE- was like a sister to myself, JAMIE GRABER, and my brother, JEREMY GRABER- we were raised together for those 5 years. She was only 8 or 9 than, I was 6 or 7, and my brother was 9 or 10 years of age. My parents fought my grandmother to let them keep her, but my grandmother knew of their drug habbit, therefore gave sole custody to- I believe- the mayor or someone of that nature, of Syracuse, IN. After Amandas departure we moved back to Arizona. Then in 1992-1993 I do believe, my dad got a letter from some attorney stating that Amanda had been given up for adoption and had a family that she had been with for awile- in Edwardsburg, Michigan-that wanted to adopt her. My dad was devistated, nontheless, still had a habbit. However, we tried hiring a lawyer, but there were few funds available, therefore not much help. AMANDA LARUE has never been forgotten. My dad still carries her picture-the only one- @ age 7. My dad hasn’t been healthy for years & probably don’t have a whole lot longer. I have tried writing talk shows to find her for all of us, but I want my father to see his baby sister before he ends up passing. I would have tried shortly after her 18th birthday, however, I have been incarcerated for the last 5 years. If we could find you AMANDA I promise we will never let you go again. Please contact me. I do believe AMANDAS birth parent or parents are from Florida. AMANDA should be 26-27 years of age. Her natural hair was blonde.

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2. Scbysnack1 : FOUND - AUGUST 2022 Michigan‚ Muskegon‚ Grant‚ Washburn‚ Constance‚ Jerry‚ Loretta‚ Lima‚ Newaygo‚ Ken‚ Larry‚ Orville‚ Ravenna‚ White Cloud‚ Westbrook

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3. Jeanne : In 1967 I was 16 years old. I gave up a daughter born may 4th 1967‚ in Fort Wayne ‚ Indiana. She was born at Saint Joesph hospital. The adoption was handled by a lawyer by the name of Barry Tremper. I wanted to keep my little girl but my parents forced me to put her up for adoption. I would so like to know that she is well and happy‚ and for her to know I loved her then and love her now. If she would like to talk to me I would be thrilled My name then was Jeannine McLeod...I am now Jeannine Skipper and live in Sault Sainte Marie‚ Michigan 49783.

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4. Deblitt : baby born @ christ hospital in cincinnati,ohio on March 23,1969. baby weighed 9lbs,3oz. mother stayed at Maple Knoll Home in Cincinnati,OH, but adoption was thru Lutheran Family Services on N. Ritter Ave in Indpls,IN. birth mother is now living in Indpls, IN.

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5. Dvh07 : I was born @ Community Hospital East. My real mom’s old friend Debbie took me home from the hospital, later in 1990 Debbie’s parents adopted me. I have been told i look like my birth mother. blue eyes brownish blonde hair about 5’4" medium size. I have crhons and a hearing problem. I would like to contact my birth mother to get to know her, and to know the family health history.

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