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Apr 01, 2021
What is Nos Buscamos? Nos Buscamos is an NGO legally recognized in Chile since 2014. It was founded to support those people born and adopted from Chile and to help them find their origins, history, and biological families. The company mission is to support reunions between families separated by adoptions. These adoptions can be legal, irregular,...
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Mar 01, 2021
Adoption is a complex and often challenging reality, which forever shapes the destiny and outlook of all parties involved. As our ancestry is responsible for an important part of our appearance, health, temperament, and identity, it is only natural to want to know everything about the ones who brought us into existence, even if they were not the same...
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Feb 01, 2021
There was a time when the only resources available to adoption reunion searchers were other community members and the church. Eventually government agencies were set up to help but today, with the rise of the Internet, there are a vast number of public and private resources available. The biggest challenge now is sorting through all that’s out there...
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