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1. Biggswole :Janet Javier Benjamin Javier Lourdes Javier

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2. Garyx121971 :In behalf of my friend‚ Richard Chase‚ I will ask your help to help me to find his biological father. I’ve been helping him to find his dad since 1999 but I ended up nothing. His father is an American Air Force who previously assigned in the philippines back in 1960 in Sangley Point‚ Cavite‚ Philippines. When his dad was moved to japan‚ he left his dogtag to his girlfriend‚ the mother of Richard Gloria Santos. His Dad’s name is DENNIS CHASE who work as a radar man or radio man at the USAirforce. My friend is already married with two boys on their early 20s. if you can help me to locate his dad‚ i am greatly honored.

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3. Yerilsabulao :I would like to know where my mother right if she’s still alive or not. I just heard that she left me with these lovely couples when i was 3 months old for adoption and she went to japan. That’s all i know. And her real name is DINA ABALLE aka ging2x. Hope you can help me find her. Thank you. Hope to hear from you about the whereabouts of my mother and where can i contact her. Thank you and God Bless.

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