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1. Becky86314 : My husband’s real biological name in German is: Horst Rainer Habel.. I am his wife & trying to help him reach his biological mother & father.. His american name is: Arnold Scott Crawford now. I would like to know if he has any siblings..He was born in wuerzburg in the University -Frauenklinik geboren. Mutter: Maria Habel‚ Frabrikarbeiterin‚ katholisch‚ wohnhaft in Wildflecken-kreuzberg‚ Block11. Born on 22 March 1951 Horst Rainer Habel. now Arnold Scott Crawford‚ done at walsenburg‚ in the count of Huerfano State of Colorado‚ this 24th day of November 1954. Petition for adoption of a child by Earl S. Crawford & Virginia Crawford having been presented and filed herein It is orderd that the 22nd day of November ‚ 1954‚ at the hour of 10 :00 A.M. is hereby fixed for hearing said petition It is further orderd that E.* Sandoval‚ Probation shall investogate matters required by law‚ and shall report said investigation in writin and return the same to this couron or befor the 10th day of november 1954...Please help us to find his siblings or biological mother & father...Thank you‚ Rebecca Ann Crawford We have tried for years......

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2. Becky86314 : I am trying to reach Anna Maria Habel or any birth siblings‚ brothers or sisters‚ His adopted parents are Earl & Virginia Crawford‚ Arnold Scott Crawford (Horst Rainer Habel) was born at the University of Wurtzburg‚ Germany. Supposedly‚ his biological mother was the housemaid of Virginia & Earl Crawford & she could not afford to keep him...We are desperately trying to find Maria or any siblings...Virginia & Earl Crawford are now deceased.. Please contact if you have any information‚ ask for Becky or Scott...

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3. SM1962 : My mothers name on the birth certificate is Usula Vogt and my name was Michael Thomas Vogt. I was born in Neu Ulm Germany

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4. Jbrucebryant : Seeking my father. His name is Miguel "Chico" Santiago. He was previously enlisted in U.S. Army and stationed at Larson or Harvey Barracks in Kitzigen Germany. He was from Puerto Rico between 1955 - 1961. I was born to a German woman and adopted by an American military family. I do not know if my father even knows of my birth. Any information is appreciated.

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5. GETACHEWDEMEISSIE : Sinwork or Bayush Demeissie Ayalew was born in Feresbet or Quarit in Amhara region in Ethiopia in September of 1987. Her father and mother may have been divorced. When she was 11 years old, her maternal uncle Desta persuaded the stepmom to give her to him to take to Germany. our father at that time was in Awassa taking summer course at a University. Though he had contemplated the idea of sending Sinework with her uncle to a better life, he had not taken steps to do so. Desta, however, took the advantage of the father’s absence to persuade the stepmom, Edmealem M., and made her believe the father said yes about it. Later our father came to understand that Desta had tricked the family in saying he is going abroad when in fact he had not left the country. Desta gave her for adoption and she may have been adopted to Germany. my father told to me im younger brother, Getachew (Abush), and he was always talking about her until his death. When she left im was 5 years old and i had many good memories about her, specially how they used to play together.

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