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10. Halim : Hi, my name Halim. I’m 41 yrs old. I had been adopted since i was born in 1977. I don’t know who my origin parents were. My birth given name was Ahmad Abdullah, in original birth cert. But then was changed to Abdul Halim bin Latiff, ever since adopted. My foster parents were Latiff bin Satar and Balkis binte Ibrahim. I was adopted from MCYS (Ministry of Community Developement, Youth and Sports). I couldn’t remember much detail. But i could only remember a male, Chinese old man by the name of Mr Lim, whom i met once when i was a little boy. My foster mom used to tell me that this Chinese man was i used to call daddy when i was in MCYS. My hope is to know who my origin parents are. If they are still alive. Please tell them that i am looking for them. My thoughts are with them. May Allah forgive them. For once let me see them. Thank you.

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