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1. DB1982 : My name is David First place: orphenhouse in Bakeswar‚ near Calcutta in West Bengal. Date of birth: 4th august 1982 (04-08-1982) Stay in Bakeswar: a few days. After that i went to New Delhi. I have visit a hospital in New Delhi. My healty wasn’t well. After that I went to an orphenhouse in New Delhi. They called: Shishu Sangopan Griha in New Delhi. Date of transport to leave the country: 25th or 26 th of september 1982 (25 or 26-09-1982) Please help me to find my birth parents! Thank you.

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2. Bidita : Hyy. My name Bidita. How to know I am thinking that I am adopted girl after being birth . But I am from in Siliguri ‚ west Bengal. My date of birth is 20th November‚ 2003. And now I am 18 years older. So‚ I want to verify it if Am I adopted ‚ where is my birth parents. If you know this to the kind of information about my birth parents‚ please contact me and message me. Thank You 🙏🙏

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3. Sohini2004 : Name -Biva . 14/09/2004

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