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1. Shabby_schmidt : My name is Shabnam. I was adopted when I was 7. I was in the orphanage when I was 5. My dad died of TB. And my mom ran away. I want to know if I can find her or contact her. I am 15 but I need to know who she is. If you can help that would be great.

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2. Souldeep : I looking for Clara Fernandes(z.)She was 28 years old when I was born. I was born in 24 of january 1967 and lived whith her in St Cathrines home in MUMBAI until 28 of august in 1967. At that time/ day I was transform to St Joseph home and Nursery in MUMBAI. I lived at St Joseph until 23 of sept 1973. I was adopted to SWEDEN this day. I have no brother and sisters in that time. CLara Fernandes (z)came from some place in GUJERATI and she was unmarried women and works as a housekeeper in a family. When the women in the house was gone my mother get pragnent. Clara Fernandes(z) was following by a parish to MUMBAI when it was time to born and I was born in a goverment hospital in MUMBAI. She has some corrospondans whith her family when she and I lived together in St Cathrines home in MUMBAI. Clara Fernandes(z)relatives give her two opportunities, 1) if she carried me she will be out of her familys protection 2) if she leave me for adoption she was welcome back home. But I am also looking for my biology father. I do notr have his name or where he lives now or came from. But he must came from GUJERATI also. This is all the information I have about my background. I hope and pray for a miracal, that someone have some information about my background. Regards Herman Strid

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3. MirandaSwe : Im looking fore my India mother Kumari Ratnakar Vijaya i think she is about 50 years old today ( 2017) Im born i Nagpur. I was adopted to Sweden 1989‚ but I’m born 1988. My mum left me one day after i was born.

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