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1. Jaqueline95 : hi.. my name is Jaqueline Neugebohrn.. My adoption fathers name is Dirk Neugebohrn and adoption mothers name is Barbara Addington... i lived in Homestead Florida and then to Evansville Indaina bc my adoption mother and father got divorst and my adoption father just died in october bc of brain cancer i never could see him bc of my adoption mother... and my adoption mother gave up on my at 12 from 12 to 17 i was in group homes and court bc of my so called bad behavors but my adoption mother let her boyfriend hit me and they believed my adoption mother... i am now 20 and she is trying to take my new born son away from me... my adoption mother and father we never there for my father hit my mother abanded me and my real mother and father unknown my adoption mother didnt even tell me im not even a citizen and im 20 and clueless about who i am and what i need to do... i never really had a mom and i would like to find my real family bc my world is get worse and worse eveyday i just had a little boy in october on the 26 of 2014 and she is trying to take him and i have been in a 3 year relationship with this guy that is abusive and a big drugy but i cant leave him bc he is the only one give my food and warm home and some what love that i have never got from a mom or dad also he is ten years older then me and i really just need to find my real mother and father bc if they are alive i need them and now would be great even though we i was younger it would of been too but i cant real say anything bc i dont kno if there alive or what all i kno is my real grandmothers name well dont kno how to spell it its in germany and also if u can help please it would be so a gods gift bc im tired of moving house to house and sleeping in car or a house with no heart bc of my ex and right now he is in the evanvilles county safe out on work release but still is locked up for one putting my head into a wall when i was 9 months pregnant and just this year chocking me until i couldnt breath and yes i still hold on to him bc he is the only one help me with my son and somewhat of a home and food.... PLEASE TO EVERYONE OTHER THAT CARE I NEED MY REAL FAMILY BC I DONT HAVE ANYTHING... :(

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2. Frankis : I am in searc of biological Parent from the German my name is Frank Wonderson

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