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4. Makis : Hello my name is Gerasimos Tzakis and i Know that im adopted and im trying to find my mom and her family. My mom give beath to me in 1983 in panama and i adopted by very Best People from Greece their name Dionisios Tzakis and Athanasia Tzakis. I belive the Person baptise me greek orthodox is mr tzenetatos the ambasador of panama and greece. So i move to greece With them.

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5. LindaIris : Hello, I was adopted from David Panama 1979, my biological mothers name was Ana Rodriguez Delgado and at the time she was 21 years old. She have me named Iris Ibeth at the maternity ward, I think she left after that and the agencies try to locate her but they couldnt. Theres was a couple that worked for the city of David with abandoned children and adoption that took care of me during a period of time and I have a name: Alfonso Angel Palacio Avila. My adoptionfamily is from Sweden and we met for the first time in Panama City when I was about two months old. I have had a wonderful life with them so far, now I am a mother myself and thinking about my birthcountry, my heritage and my birthmother. I have a paper that I am trying to translate from spanish to swedish so I can use the information to go further in my search for my biological mother Ana. Sincerely, Linda Charlotta Olsson Iris Ibeth

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