Warm greetings from Katharine, founder of Adopted.com.

I'm taking this opportunity to catch up with the incredible community we have on Adopted.com now.

Almost 19 years ago I founded this site with a very specific mission ... people who want to find each other, should be able to so without interference.

Many years later I am extremely proud to share that the team of more than 20 dedicated professionals who operate this service have achieved the original goal, and much more!

I recall helping more than a few friends conduct searches to find family many years ago. What was very missing was a unified, organized method to bring together all of the people searching, in a way that would be simple and accessible. As we say, user-friendly.

The idea for 10 simple questions took us over a year to test out in the early days, and we crafted the exact combination of questions that results in not only matches, but also leads for those who had mostly correct information but needed a little help to draw out the strong leads from a large database. This is an amazing benefit of our algorithm having been refined over decades.

With more than one million members, we are by far the largest database of Voluntary Adoption Records online today.

We are dedicated to supporting the healthy curiosity and connection that result in a successful match and the desired feeling of satisfaction.

It is imperative to us to offer a safe, confidential, and discreet place to search and connect. Not only with the person you seek, but also with others who share what is a profound human experience.

If you haven't registered with Adopted.com yet, I will explain that here you can comfortably generate your own confidential Adoption Record that you can build, refine, and activate/deactivate as you wish. Every record we have is this way, created by people on their own initiative and fully under their own control.

Our approach does not require paperwork or access to official records - instead you will join us in creating your own, Voluntary Adoption Record so we can reunite every pair who wishes to be reunited.

In such a well-established, trustworthy, clean and clear system, your simplified Adoption Record with 10 points of information that everyone knows in common about their own adoption situation, is compared against all others in our Community.

Speaking of Community, this aspect of our website continues to expand and now includes special features like Community groups we call 'Just like Me', which is composed of people who share your common search date. Having a place to share experiences is becoming more and more of a focus with more than a million people to contribute each in their own unique way.

People have been contributing to our platform for a long time! A few years ago I located the first member who registered with us. The connection we created was very moving for both of us. Her case is solved, and we remain personal friends to this day.

It is a huge advantage to have a database of adoption records built by people themselves. Our long history compiling these records contributes strongly to a successful outcome for your search.

Additionally, our very human-centric platform includes stories, support, and community collaboration so you know you are in good company.

Thank you for being here. Your experience matters to all of us.

With regards and respect,