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Adoption Records?

Finding your loved one can be a difficult and frustrating process. Many people start their search by looking for adoption records, but quickly realize that:

  • Adoption records are often closed or sealed.
  • The information you know, such as location or first name aren’t as identifiable as you originally thought.
  • Finding an adoption record alone may not lead to a communication method.
  • There is no way to know that your search is mutual.

At, we know that there is a better way!

How to find adoption records

The idea for originated in 2005 with a search where the records were not available.

It occurred to us that it should be possible for people in this situation to meet one another as long as the desire exists on both sides.

Everyone answers the same questions. Now that we are the largest Adoption Registry in the world, your chances of finding a match are significant.

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