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1. Meganlee : Hi im Megan and im looking to see if i can find my birth parents.

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2. Ncvisconti : I’m in search of my biological parents.  My name is Noelle Visconti and I am 26 years old residing in Pennsylvania, USA. My name was Yu Meng, with the DOB of 4.5.93, however that is not  accurate since there was no documentation or tracking of my legal name, age, birth location etc.  I can also confirm that after I was brought back to the states (USA), the American doctor stated that I might have been around 6 months younger than what my records state. I know that the orphanage (YuJiang Social Welfare Institute) assigned my ’found date’ to my ’birth date’.   Location of where I was found was in Jiangxi Province.  I have two point of contacts but not sure how to reach out to them, my ’finder’  named Wu Caosheng and the director of the orphanage named Wang Renhua, residing in Yujiang County.  The adoption agency was titled LaVida Adoption Agency  I can provide more information if needed -  however there is not much. I can provide pictures also.

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3. Miabow : I was born 8/15/1998. Found 10/28/1998 with a note that translated to “little girl 1998-8-15”. I was brought to Hangzhou Children’s Welfare institute and named Ma Danying. I was adopted 9/24/1999 and brought to the United States by my adoptive parents.

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