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1. Rose2010 : I am trying to find my father‚ who was a Dr and I am not sure if he is dead or alive. I believe he was Indian ‚ Hindu or Pakistan ‚ one or the other. Because of health reasons which may be genetic because of my fathers background ‚ meaning my asian colouring . My mother is still alive but cant or wont tell me and i cant force her to‚and i also went to a spiritualist who tell s me ‚ he did live far away in some indian country or pakistan and is not sure if he is now alive or not. He worked in queen’s hospital in London in early 60s as i was born in July 63 in Somerset. Can you please put me in touch with the right people . Thank you ‚look forward to hearing from you.My mother is Irish and was only 22 or 23 when she gave birth to me and she had another daughter 3 years before me. Sorry if this letter sound s all jumbled up but i am very anxious about doing this against my mothers wishes. Please let me know if this is a free service or not as i am not working as i am claiming disability. Once again i thank you.

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2. Lucyswannkearney : I am looking for my fathers birth mother. He was born in castle pollard 12 sept 1957. His birth name we believe was john borgan or john joseph brogan. We also think his mother was either mary brogan or mary silver.

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