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1. Judithgoyen : Searching for a half-sister born somewhere in New Zealand‚ probably in 1968. The only thing I know is that she was born with Talipes but was otherwise healthy & was given up for adoption soon after birth‚ I think. The birth mother was Suzanne Margaret Dixon‚ born in September‚ 1949. I believe she was from Wellington‚ New Zealand. If you have any information‚ please message me. Thank you

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2. Anzus99 : I have found through genealogists my mother was adopted‚ I have 3 different birth parents‚ if you find anything can you please contact me.

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3. LeeCraig : Hello & Kia Ora. **Searching For Eileen Dorothy Piacun of Ahipara** This is my First Time Trying This So Here Goes... We are looking for any Information anyone may have on an Eileen Dorothy Piacun from Ahipara. We don’t know if Piacun is her married name or Maiden Name. We think Piacun may be her Married name. We don’t know what her Maiden Name is‚ However I did come across a reference online of which her name was presented as Eileen Dorothy Roberts married to Gordon William Piacun. We are not sure if this is accurate. If anyone knows anything please contact me. I will discuss with whoever contacts us with information‚ as to why we are looking for her. Happy Living People Lee &#128512

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