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1. Mariann76 : Born at Fatmawati Hospital Cilandak Jakarta Selatan JI. RS Fatmawati‚ Cilandak‚ Jakarta Selatan‚ DKI Jakarta 12430‚ Indonesia Time of birth: 18. of march 1976. My biological mother Ny. Iyem (23) gave birth to me and suffered from a bleeding post partum and treatment was needed. She stayed with me at the hospital until the 4.th of April‚ then went to her home to get money for her treatment. Ne never came back. I was born without wedlock and my mother was a made for Ny E. Joenin (43 years of age)living at Jalan Panglima Ploim 1/ 18‚ Kebayoran Baru ‚ Jakarta Selatan. She left her employer in February a moth before I was born. The hospital searched for my mother without any result. I was surrendered to the orphanage Yayasan Sayap Ibu Date of surrender: 2. of June 1976 by Dr H.E Tardan and a nurse from Fatmawati hospital. Dr‚ Tardan has passed away unfortunately. But his son is still working at the hospital‚ but can not tell much and have no information as all the papers was surrendered the orphanage. I have just returned from a trip to Jakarta. I visited the orphanage and saw my file. I talked to nurses who has been working there since my stay‚ and they do not remember anything from my adoption. I was adopted to my wonderful Norwegian parents 20. of July 1976.

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2. Giselamahadi1989 : Pls help me find my birth mother! Hear me out please... Thank u for ur time. I will be waiting.

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3. Rara123 : Halo‚ nama saya Rahma Fauzia Taslim. Saya lahir di Jakarta‚ 06 Mei 1998. Saya tinggal di Jl. Raya Pulogebang RT 12 RW 06‚ Pulogebang‚ Cakung‚ Jakarta Timur. Saya diadopsi sejak lahir oleh Bpk. Taslim (Alm) dan Ibu. Hanipah Taslim (Almh) selaku orangtua angkat saya. Saya tahu bahwa saya diadopsi sejak saya SD sekitar kelas 4. Orangtua angkat saya belum sempat memberitahu siapa orangtua kandung saya karena mereka telah berpulang ke Rahmatullah beberapa tahun yang lalu dan tidak ada seorangpun dari keluarga Ayah maupun Ibu saya yang tahu dimana keluarga kandung saya. Tetapi saat kepergian Ayah saya‚ saya menermukan secarik kertas yang berisi pernyatan bahwa memang saya benar mereka angkat sebagai puteri tunggal mereka‚ yang saya tahu hanyalah nama ibu kandung saya‚ nama beliau adalah Ratna. hanya itu. Sekiranya teman-teman ada yang tahu atau bisa membantu saya ‚tolong hubungi saya di Saya mengucapkan banyak terimakasih sebelum dn sesudahnya.

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