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1. Bamelaku : Hello habetamu moges my name is Mikael I’m your cousin you brother bamelaku moges and I looking for you a long time and we heard you came to your birth place looking for your brother after that we got hope.pleace if you read this message please contact me, your brother really miss you!!! Until we meet brother stay safe

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2. Anmut : Need of help to get my brother Child Meri Yayeh‚ Anmut Yayeh and his sister Mrs Mastewal Yayeh were lost their mam and Dad in same day‚ after their parents pass away all of the children’s start to live with their relative families‚ child Meri Yayeh is born Ethiopia around Amhara Region West Gojam zone in Dembecha Wereda special rural area named Sdsdong Kebele 2005 G.C‚ at that time his mother and father died within the same day. After that he was living with his uncle. In 2011 G.C‚ our close family Ato Sraw Kasahun‚ who lived in Dembecha city told the families’ orphan children’s are going abroad‚ so that he said that child Meri yayeh should be the beneficiary of this opportunity and he arranged the opportunity for a child Meri Yayeh to go abroad. He was chosen to go abroad for adoption at the age of six. All Important information for this opportunity is verified that the child is an Orphan from Kebele to wereda through Ato Srawu Kasahun‚ who lived in Dembecha. He said that he had been learning the language at Bahirdar for some months and that those who took it were foreigners and we confirmed that child Meri Yayeh and Eleni Tadese from Dembecha went together‚ after they left‚ they took a joint photo and sent photo to the sender. But I‚ his brother Anmut yayeh and his sister mastewal yayeh were living with relatives at that time‚ and since we were children‚ we could not find any information about our brother. Therefore‚ it has been thirteen years since the child left the country. But the sender‚ Ato Saru Kasahun‚ died accidentally in 2019 G.C. In the meantime‚ I started searching for information about our brother child Meri Yayeh‚ where he went‚ what he did‚ and his condition. Therefore‚ according to the information I received from the Women and Children Office of Fnote Salam City Amhara Region West Gojam Zone‚ the information indicates that the child was given to the Bete Hitsanat adoption agency in Addis Ababa in 2011 G.C. But the information indicated that this orphan association does not exist now. When I went to the Federal Ministry of Women and Children and inquired me‚ at that time‚ when the child was go abroad‚ there would be four copies of papers‚ one of which was for Federal Women and Children. The second federal court told me that they will give compensation to those who took the third for Adoption and the fourth to the sender‚ and they informed me that if you do not bring the copy of letter and secret number with the sender‚ they will not process it. But due to the fact that the sender Mr Sraw Kasahun is not alive‚ I am not able to get the Copy and Secret Number. Again‚ I requested the Federal Ministry of Women and Children to be searched by name‚ but I did not get a solution. Now‚ I‚ his brother Anmut and Mrs Mastewal his sister are searching for the address of our brother‚ who has lost us. Therefore‚ we respectfully request that the concerned institutions‚ this reader‚ who work in embassies in the country and abroad‚ as well as journalists and fellow Ethiopians cooperate with us in finding the address of our brother. His brother Mr Anmut and his sister Mrs Mastewal Yayeh. Please contact us

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3. Anmut : Hello Merry Yayeh‚ my name is Anmut Yayeh from Ethiopia Addis Ababa‚ I’m your you brother and I looking for you a long time and I heard you came to your birth place looking for your sister after that we got hope‚ pleace if you read this message please contact me‚ My brother I really miss you!!! Until we meet my brother stay safe.

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