Victoria Adoption Reunion Registry is proud to offer a country-wide Adoption Reunion Registry for Australia where you can meet by mutual consent whether you've accessed your adoption records or not. From Perth to Brisbane and everywhere in between, if both parties want to meet then you can find each other on! In Victoria, adult adoptees (18 and over) are able to obtain access to identifying information including their original birth certificate, court and agency records. Those wishing to obtain access to information must also participate in a mandatory interview, which can take place in person or over the phone in the case that the adoptee lives overseas. As of July 1, 2013, birth parents are also able to obtain identifying information regarding the adopted child.

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21. Hayley2017 : ’MARY-ANNE’ ARE YOU OUT THERE? You are my cousin and you were given away for private adoption by your birth mother Elizabeth whilst your father‚ my late Uncle Derek‚ was away on a business trip. This was done without either his knowledge or consent! We don’t know your exact birthdate‚ but you were born some time between 62/68 probably in Melbourne‚ Victoria or Perth (maybe even Tasmania) Australia. Elizabeth Robinson was from Tasmania and became highly qualified in the medical world working for a while in Perth hospital (or else ’a’ Perth hospital). Derek ( please message me for his surname) was from the north of England but was based in Australia for well over 20 years where he was a successful business man In his capacity as an Associate of the Royal Institute of Industrial Chemistry ( A.R.I.I.C. ). Derek often felt it likely that you had been given to a Doctor’s family‚ as Elizabeth socialised predominantly in medical circles‚ but Elizabeth would never reveal your whereabouts and so my broken hearted Uncle could never find you! Not surprisingly Elizabeth’s actions destroyed their relationship and their forthcoming marriage plans. Please get in touch if you think these details might fit. You have a loving family on your father’s side who want to know all about you and help answer all your questions.

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22. Woodsy92 : As far as I know my daughters name is Aailyah and she eas adopted to someone in eestetn australia. Her mothers name is Krystal Ann degorgio and I know she was born in 1988 . name is sean woods

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23. Wittmer : Looking for my half brother and my half sister who my mother had to adopt out when they where about 6 and 7 my mum had no choice as to her situation in her life at that time there names where Susan Minchington and Allen Minchington spelling of Allen could have been Allen or Alan I’m not sure Mum can’t remember I’m not exactly sure how old they where at the time but know they where both quite young I don’t know there birth dates either as Mum doesn’t quite remember due to her having a slight intellectual disability and her age now we would be ever so grateful to find them my mothers name at the time of the adoption was Margaret rose minchington amd her date of birth is the 4 August 1937 my name is Tracey and I’m also one of her children thank you kind regards

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24. Eyerus : Hello Dear‚ Greetings!! My name Is Dawit Chernet from Ethiopian . I have tried to mentioned as shown below child information . 1.Gender child :Girl 2.Year of child birth=April‚2005. 3.Birth name of child=Mahlet Zinabu 4.Age child entered care center=9 Months . 5.year child entered care center=Dec‚2006. Background of information The mother of child was stressed after her birth of MAHLET ZINABU as economic problems then she gave her child Godanaw Care center campus.however‚Eyerus Chernet has no PHOTO .For a while‚ she didn’t as about the child. But after some period of time she went to Godanaw and asked for information about her child but unfortunately the care center Godanaw rehabilitation center was closed .she didn’t know any information about her child but she is expecting her child was adopted because of most of child found in GRIP were adopted outside of the country. Her mother doesn’t have any information about where her child is adopted or through what agency the child was adopted or when her child is adopted . Please contact me.

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