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21. Julieschaaf : Hi my name is Julie Schaaf and I am looking for my son Michael whom I placed for adoption in 2003. I am not to sure of the date Michael was adopted because I had a apartment fire in 2007 and I lost everything 🙃 this adoption was an open adoption and the adopted mother was supposed to send me pictures and letters about Michal and she did keep in contact for 6 months then she quit sending me pictures and letters of Michael. I am not to sure what his address is but I do know that he was living in North Battleford. I got married on June 17th 1995 and I changed my last name from Sinave to Schaaf. Also I changed the way you spell Michael it is supposed to be spelled Micheal is spell it this way Michael so if they kept the spelling this way it might be easier to find Michael because it is a unique way to spell his name. Michael was born January 29, 1992 in Regina, SASKATCHEWAN. Michael was born at the pasqua hospital in Regina. This hospital no longer have labor and delivery. I gave Michael up when he was 16 months old. Social services picked him up and took him to a foster home until the adoption was approved. I gave my so Michael up for adoption because I was a single mother and didn’t have much money or stability and also because the biological father was very very abusive towards me and he was very angry that I was pregnant with his child. I also moved to a shelter for abused women when I was 7 months pregnant. I tried to keep Michael but I couldn’t do it.i really wanted to keep him but Social services took Michael away from me 5 times during the time I had him because I was admitted to the hospital for being badly abused from his dad. Also Michael’s biological father’s name is Richard Multins. He also lives in regina SASKATCHEWAN on Flamingo crescent. I also was adopted when I was 3 years old i was abandoned in a hospital in Québec and I was badly abused from my 15 year old biological mother. I was very scared and sad to put Michael up for adoption because I didn’t know if I would choose a good home for him. I am not too sure if Michael still lives with his parents or not because Michael would be 28 turning 29 on the 28th of January i hope this is enough information please let me know if you need anything else about this matter thank you

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22. Markosh : Looking to find birth parents I am a twin we were adopted on Regina Saskatchewan my adoptive parents were Ignace and ona haskewich of canora Saskatchewan If you have information contact me.

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23. Hartshariqua : Hello my name is shariqua hart I’m just looking for my biological parents not sure I met them as a child I was born lloydminster ‚sk‚Canada on October 13‚ 1983.

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