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11. Jslenheiser123 : my born name was Linda Mary Fecyk‚ My adopted parents named me Jackie lenheiser which is now my name now.

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12. Virginia1991 : My name is Virginia Emma Marie Antoine.

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13. DuaneHanna1973 : I don’t have any information.

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14. MarianKotowich : Hi David/Marlow. When you were a baby‚ your name was Marlow Henry. You were renamed to David when you were adopted by a lovely family in Saskatoon. My foster mom and dad‚ were Flora and Leo Kotowich. They fostered you when you were a baby‚ until you were about 8 or 9 years old‚ when you were adopted out to new parents in Saskatoon. You had a severe celiac disease issue as a young boy. We lived on 1256 Lindsay Street in Regina‚ SK. We do not live there anymore and Mom passed away 5 years ago. You were my brother then and always will be. All of the siblings considered still as our lost little brother. I know you have had a lovely life with your new family‚ but it broke my heart when you left. I for one wish that we could still be in touch. Much love‚ Marian Kotowich-Laval‚ your sister in spirit.

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15. Davis1919 : I don’t have much to go on. Margaret Fern Davis born 1919 in Alameda Saskatchewan ’went away for an extended time’ according to family. They believe she had a baby. The year would be somewhere between 1940 and 1944. update: According to the newspaper and a diary, she was married to Micky Bain in Windsor Ontario United Church 2 August 1940. (no marriage certificate) Prior to this she was in the Ambulance Corps in Winnipeg. I’ve done DNA of her brothers on Ancestry and GedMatch. That’s about all I have to go on. Please contact me, kind regards Janice Davis.

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