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21. Uncdick : On My Birth Certificate it has my name as Marie Louise Judith no last name. I was adopted by Camille Gaudreau and his wife Adrienne when I was six month old. I was born on Oct. 16 1965. I think my birth mothers first name was Lucienne. I have no idea of her last name or who my father was I was told she was a waitress and he was a truck driver. I was born in Hull Quebec and was adopted there also. Would love to have any information as my children have a life threating health problem and would like to help them with there healing. Thank you for all your help with this‚ it is really appreciated. I am doing this for my niece Monique Lard my name is Anne Marie Vaillancourt Monique was adopted by my brother Camille Gaudreau.

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22. Lduhaime : Marie Ida Hurtibise was born at the "Creche de la reparation" in Montreal. We know that she was adopted by "Mr. Thomas McElheran and his wife Alice Jones who lived at 53 6th ave. Verdun" and her godparents were employees of the orphenage "Madeleine Drouin and Arthur Girard". The adopted child "Marie Ida Hurtibise" is now 74 years old. Any information you can provide would be fantastic. Thank you in advance for your help! Regards‚ Lise Duhaime

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23. Lags : Born May 7‚ 1969 at 5am St Mary’s‚ Montreal to a 14 year old birth mother who had three older sisters and living with grandparents of Italian background. Adopted thru Batshaw Children’s Services.

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24. Mjelaca : I am searching for my sister birth name is"Margaret Jelaca or Mladenovich" born in Lyon-France‚ Montreal‚ Toronto or Quebec‚ Canada on or around April 1‚ 1963. Both parents immigrated from Yugoslavia to France-to-Canada then America. You were left in a Canadian Catholic Hospital/orphanage for medical reasons in between 1963/1966 the location is unclear. However‚ Montreal and Toronto is a good start. Unfortunately‚ this information came to my attention recently from the birth mother. Please contact me should any detail described above seem familiar. Milena

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25. ThomasBH : Biological father´s name Gunnar from Norway. Seaman/fisherman worked in St. Johns area Newfoundland. Mother´s name unknown. Se picture of biological father in my profile pic. Possible biological mother in picture with him (uncertain). On back of the picture is written "Borgen" and September 1976. If you have any info‚ please contact me.

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