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11. Mpenman : I am looking for my birth family. I was @ Tres St. Sacrement Church in Quebec.

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12. Windowgal : My name is Debbie and I was born January 30‚ 1965 in Rimouski. (Danielle Isabelle Maltais) and was. I am in search of my biological mother and father or any living relatives with the last name of Maltais. (I do not know what my fathers last name was) My parents were not married‚ I was told that my mother was 21 (waitress) and father 27 (driver of some sort) at the time of my birth. I did receive most of my information from the adoption agency in 1996. If any of these facts sound familar to anyone whether it be a relative please do not hesitate to email me. After being adopted my new parents took me to Edmundston NB‚ since my adoptive father was american by birth we later moved to Madawaska Maine. In my early teens we moved to NC where I lived most of my life until now. I am presently living in Virginia and have two boys of my own (21 and 24) and a 2 year old grand daughter. I would love to share some of my life with my biological family... I do want my birth parents to know that I have had a wonderful life with parents who loved me very much but there has always been a void in my heart. The truth must be said that I need some closure or a beginning of another chapter in my life. I have so many unanswered questions that deserve to be made a reality. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post that is very personal and close to my heart!! Debbie

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13. Jmnin1 : I want to find my birth parents . I live in Colombia South America.

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14. Grundercleeb : Born in Montreal at Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Possible birth name‚ Brian Peterson. Blonde hair‚ blue eyes. Mother’s name may have been Audrey.

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15. Nicholas2154 : Looking for my mother or father. I was born September 20‚ 1952 in Gaspe Region. My birth name is Adele Ricard. I was placed in Saint Vincent du Paul Orphanage in Quebec City.

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