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6. Sandrad : uncle fred if you see this e-mail please contact me.

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7. Littlebear2009 : hello i am a birth mom looking for my sion his name is justin kenneth ronald connell please i havent heard nothing back from you guys i wait for almost 6 mouth so you suopse to help i dont see no respound please at lease give me information

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8. Lynn2511 : To whom it may concern: I am looking into my mothers history she was born at misericorde hospital in 1938 her mother was 17 with others siblings her mother came to the hospital from abitibi canada. my mother was adopted by robert and simone Ouellette who have already passed please if you could direct me in the right direction to find my mothers parents or siblings i would really appreciate the help. thank you so very much we are needing this not only for medical purposes but to find relatives for her. Her giving name i believe was Gertrude Laurent after a nurse that work there. Thank you

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9. Sarahcrozier : I am helping to look for my mother’s birth mother. She was adopted in Montreal at an orphanage. She was told that she was a twin or trip-lite. It’s understood that her birth father was in the Canadian air force and was killed before they were born. From what I understand in the orphanage where she was in montreal they made everyone’s birthday July 1st. So real date of birth/age is unknown. My mother has hazel eyes and brown hair and is a petite woman. I would like to track down my real grandmother /aunts to make our family tree and trace our heritage.

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10. Nicoleweiss : Hello, seeking my daughter, she was born @ the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal Quebec, Canada. I have three other childrem. The year my daughter was born, my Mother saw slowly dying of cancer, with horrible confusion, I was told to give my angle up for adoption. Omara and Omara law firm in Toronto, held the private adoption. I believe that a Doctor or Dentist family adopted her and could be in the USA. I am a French and Canadian citizen, born in Paris France, Holocust DOB Oct 30, 1939

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