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6. Stephieharmer90 : hi my son was adopted in 2012/2013 his name at birth was riley james harmer born 13/4/12 he was adopted by Oxfordshire social service knight court cowley oxford I have on and off letter box contact he is now 6 I have been told I cant find him till hes 18 but I would like to be registered with yourself so if he tries finding me I am registered my name back in 2012 was Stephanie Bainbridge it is now Stephanie harmer I was living in oxford I am now living in southern Ireland

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7. Robertdroy28 : My birth name is Jason john bielinski 18/10/72. ... My mother Anna Elizabeth bielinski 24/10/49..... My sister Clara bielinski 17/9/71..... I was handed over on the 25/10/72.... My adopted parents are Shirley droy and Raymond droy, they named me Robert Jason john droy.

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8. MMDodgson : Mother Susan A dodgson 25/11/1959 Christina Dodgson 14/16th October 1980 Lancashire

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